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Note: This (below) is a copy of my old (pre-2006) user page. Wikiversity

pep talk: "Openness and inclusiveness are ..... our radical means to our radical ends." (source)

About John Schmidt {a.k.a. JWSurf)

  • I first worked on some Wikipedia pages in 2003. In early 2003 I wondered if this Wikipedia effort would simply build up some content and then sell out to the highest bidder. I was then lost in the real world for about a year. When I returned in 2004 I was glad to see that the Wikimedia Foundation had been set up, but I still have some questions about the control of Wikipedia (see User:JWSchmidt#Who_owns_Wikipedia?).
Most of life is not visible to the naked eye.

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#REDIRECT [[NAME OF PAGE 2]] (see the Redirect page)

How to show wiki markup on a page[edit]

(....rather than convert it to HTML and then displaying the result.)

use: <nowiki>#REDIRECT [[NAME OF PAGE 2]]</nowiki>

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Fun Links (nerd humor)[edit]

Strong AI

Gram-Schmidt_process When I took Linear algebra there was also a guy named Gram in my class. The instructor thought it was funny that he had his own Gram-Schmidt.

"steroids hormones" --> "Steroid's hormones"? Named after the Latvian biochemist Igor Steroid who invented the field of biochemistry in which natural compounds are made ([1]) from synthetics; the study of how molecules can be synthesized became known as Synthetolgy. JWSchmidt 14:48, 19 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Wictionary pages[edit]

Also, see the stuff at my wictionary sandbox. Be sure to see my recursion sandbox.

Live chat[edit]

heard in #wikipedia: "thumb in dyke"

Places to visit[edit]

Old archive of Wikipedia

User:Karol Langner - inspiration

Talk:Talk | Talk:Sex | User:Sex

The Oz effect[edit]

Insulin glucose metabolism ZP.svg While looking to see if there was any information about the protein SHC on Wikipedia, I was transported to Spontaneous human combustion!

Empire of Atlantium

en,423,745,646,Chuck Smith
en,420,748,692,Space Cadet

Source: [2]

JWSchmidt 05:10, 7 Apr 2004 (UTC)

en,507,688,590,Cgs en,506,689,600,Skysmith en,505,690,2171,JWSchmidt en,504,691,591,Hagedis en,503,692,620,DraQue Star JWSchmidt 22:50, 10 Apr 2004 (UTC)




The only practical problem: a thinking penis[edit]

"The only practical problem is that there is no one standard penis; some are small, some long, some think, some thin, etc." (source).

I measure them in fractal dimensions, so they all become infinitely long- Baron von Koch needed an entire island to house his, or so Dr. Chartham told me when I was his PostDoc...

dr lofthouse

Other strange sightings[edit]

+[[ko:프랜시스 크릭]]

Something like the above showing up as an edit to a page is probably a link from an English page to a page in another language such as Korean.

Requests: Nursing father

so-called "anti-male Gender bigots" <-- a link at: Womyn

An example for recursion "The Votes for Deletion page itself is regularly listed for deletion." trolling

To Do[edit]

God Hypothesis | estriol (see estrogen)

Make page Cell size? See ideas in Talk:Cell growth.

Do induction (biology) for Developmental biology.

Huge amounts of red links at Skeletal muscle. Cannabinoid receptor

Add information about cell adhesion to Morphogenesis (see Talk:Morphogenesis) and Infection

Experimental theology as in Sagan's book Contact.

Voltage-gated channels --> Voltage-sensitive ion channels | fix graded potential, see also Homeostasis and threshold electric potential

Add details to Consilience:_The_Unity_of_Knowledge

Memory needs work....external links, related articles, molecular mechanisms

Film at eleven | Negative control | 2-D_electrophoresis<--needs work and an image

Commercial links | Immunoprecipitation | pathogenic viruses that infect Archaea to include at Pathogen?

Research the idea that wikipedia could generate some funds by charging for commercial links. (see) and (see also).

Wikipedia art gallery

Try to get Steve Jobs image from Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. (He says "use at your own risk.") Try to get image from Frank Tedesco's website.

The Coronelli server must be named after Vincenzo Coronelli.

The Browne server must be named for Sir Thomas Browne.

See: meta:wikimedia_servers

Papillomavirus | Catabolic repression (start with Monod's work)

The Eversea Wikinovel. Eversea website (external)

Heavy duty | Native gel electrophoresis | Phosphoprotein | work on photosynthetic reaction center links at Chloroflexus_aurantiacus

Declarative learning | Cell culture | Ommatidia - use one of mine

Cerebellum <-- use one of mine. White quale

image source: User:Maveric149/Images - Yellowstone National Park

Peer review[edit]

Use Wikipedia:Peer_review to get help with Why_10_dimensions.

Try to get help from people listed at Wikipedia:Wikipedians_by_fields_of_interest#Physics.

Who owns Wikipedia?[edit]

Image copyright and license[edit]

After having had one of the images that I had uploaded to Wikipedia placed here, I became aware of the idea that images should be marked with copyright information.

This page: Wikipedia:Image copyright tags, lists options for images that are uploaded to Wikipedia.

After looking through the options, I selected Template:Cc-by-nc-sa.

This is the key licensing system for Wikipedia: Wikipedia:Text of the GNU Free Documentation License.

It was suggested by User:Kim_Bruning that there is a conflict between the GNU Free Documentation License and the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

In particular, there is the section on VERBATIM COPYING:

"You may copy and distribute the Document in any medium, either commercially or noncommercially, provided that this License, the copyright notices, and the license notice saying this License applies to the Document are reproduced in all copies, and that you add no other conditions whatsoever to those of this License. You may not use technical measures to obstruct or control the reading or further copying of the copies you make or distribute. However, you may accept compensation in exchange for copies."

However, when an image is uploaded to Wikipedia the following is agreed to: "I affirm that the copyright holder of this file agrees to license it under the terms of the Wikipedia copyright."

Inside the Wikipedia copyright article it says:

Contributors' rights and obligations
If you contribute material to Wikipedia, you thereby license it to the public under the GFDL (with no invariant sections, front-cover texts, or back-cover texts). In order to contribute, you therefore must be in a position to grant this license, which means that either
* you own the copyright to the material, for instance because you produced it yourself, or
* you acquired the material from a source that allows the licensing under GFDL, for instance because the material is in the public domain or is itself published under GFDL.
In the first case, you retain copyright to your materials. You can later republish and relicense them in any way you like. However, you can never retract the GFDL license for the versions you placed here: that material will remain under GFDL forever. In the second case, if you incorporate external GFDL materials, as a requirement of the GFDL, you need to acknowledge the authorship and provide a link back to the network location of the original copy. If the original copy required invariant sections, you have to incorporate those into the Wikipedia article; it is however very desirable to replace GFDL texts with invariant sections by original content without invariant sections whenever possible.

So it seems to me, that by the act of uploading an image that I made, I have already granted Wikipedia a license for the image under the GFDL.

I dispute the suggestion that, "it's not actually possible to use that image on wikipedia as it stands."

In particular, I think that the following need not be said, but I will say it in order to try to prevent confusion:

I have the copyright to images that I have made. Images that I have made for use on Wikipedia are generally available to anyone under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. By the process of uploading an image to Wikipedia I automatically license the image under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License that is used by Wikipedia. JWSchmidt 14:39, 11 Apr 2004 (UTC)

see also: Sample image copyright case, Wikipedia:Submission_Standards , User_talk:Eloquence#conditional_license?

Dispute resolution[edit]

Windows_box, my first experience with Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion.

Soon after the page was created it went on the discuss deletion page. The proposal to delete was quickly retracted. Funny, but I had my own doubts about the topic.

Found this dispute resolution page Wikipedia:Office of Members' Advocates by way of User:Metasquares. Also: Wikipedia:Dispute resolution.

I got involved in the dispute over Unsolved_problems_in_biology.

Talk:Carl Sagan Comments on a stealthy anti-Sagan external article linked to from the Sagan page. Eloquence fixes the problem. But see also the dispute over pantheism in Sagan's work.

An editing problem in Synapse, see: Talk:Synapse

Vandalism of Ann Druyan by User: Probably related to recent problems with User: at the Carl Sagan page.

Same changes made to Ann Druyan page by User:; also 66.2.156 domain

See also: Talk:Cosmotheism.

Dispute over User:Information Habitat, see Template:VfD-User Information-Habitat subpages, and Wikipedia talk:User page, and Information ecology

Sand Box[edit]


2005 Activity[edit]

One day I could not find my wikipedia password so I started a new account User:Memenen. I have been using that account some starting in 2005 (example: upgrades to membrane potential and related articles). An example of the kind of project I became involved with during 2005 was creating references for Carl Sagan. I did a major re-write of the Francis Crick article. When the chimp genome project released a draft of the genome, I added a description of the results to Common chimpanzee; also Chimpanzee Genome Project. I have also been spending a significant amount of time on the Wikimedia spinoffs, WikiSpecies, Wikibooks, Wikinews and Wikicities. I'd also like to see Wikiversity become a reality (see the Wikiversity Core Courses Initiative, collaborative learning and Wikiversity proposal modifications requested by the Board). I have been experimenting with the idea that Wikiversity could function to support research efforts that would both improve the quality of Wikipedia articles and help limit POV-related disputes by substituting well-researched facts for emotional POV pushing.

Molecular and Cellular Biology Project[edit]

See: Wikipedia:WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology.

For a long time I was bothered by the poor coverage of molecular and cell biology at wikipedia. I started a new project for development of these areas within wikipedia. The list of active projects has sections for both Biology and Health sciences, but the most relevant seems to be the Medicine Project listed at the Biology Portal and the Medicine Portal. Listed within the Medicine Project, there is a Preclinical Medicine Project] that is concerned with the kinds of basic science courses that medical students take, however, there is only minimal emphasis on the type of molecular and cell biology issues that I want to develop.

doi:10.1172/JCI25509 doi:10.1126/science.309.5744.2147a

Wikipedia:WikiProject Neuroscience - This was in existence for 2 months before I found it!

Wikipedia:WikiProject Science pearls[edit]

2004 Activity[edit]

(complete list)

I added content to the theory of mind stub. I got permission from Marco Nani to use the theory of mind image at
JWSchmidt 15:27, 12 Mar 2004 (UTC)

3/15/04 Start investigation of the issue of the readability of Wikipedia articles.

Of particular concern are technical articles from science and mathematics. JWSchmidt 13:53, 15 Mar 2004 (UTC)

In contrast to the (above) call for making an effort to have Wikipedia articles accessible to a wide range of readers, there is also the sentiment that: "Education material should go to Wikibooks. Reference material should stay here".

Working on plans to move this physics page to here. JWSchmidt 06:54, 16 Mar 2004 (UTC)

I created a page that describes Crick's book The_Astonishing_Hypothesis. This is an update of material at my website. JWSchmidt 16:54, 16 Mar 2004 (UTC)

1953 is a famous year in the history of biology. I was surprised to find that it had not been worked on. JWSchmidt 07:55, 21 Mar 2004 (UTC)

My Image:Three cell growth types.png illustration got listed here: Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates by Finlay McWalter.

Major contributions[edit]

Morphogenesis | Bone marrow transplant | Cell growth | Myelodysplasia | Entrez | Consilience:_The_Unity_of_Knowledge | Jacques Monod | Chloroflexus aurantiacus | Why 10 dimensions | Thermus aquaticus | 1953 in science | Windows box | Virulence | Desmosome | Eric R. Kandel | Cell adhesion | The Astonishing Hypothesis | Theory of information metabolism | Gerald Edelman | Theory of mind | Owen Flanagan | Terry Winograd | Georges Rey | William H. Calvin | Olaf Sporns | MIT COG project | Elbow Room | Quantum indeterminacy | Scientific determinism | Greedy reductionism | Bad science | Sphex | The Mind's I

Significant contributions: Agonist | Antagonist | Herbal medicine | Retraction | Bioterrorism | Syncytium | Bacteriocin | Binary fission | Expression vector | Site-directed mutagenesis | Helicobacter pylori | Caspase | Proteome | Mitosis | Chimpanzee | Phimosis | Pathogen | Western blot | Gel electrophoresis | Chain termination method | Neurochemistry | Kirby's Air Ride | Intermediate filament | Mimivirus | Receptor | Developmental biology | Synapse | Hebbian learning | Philosophical Investigations | Tyrosine kinase | Thomas Nagel | Science (journal)


2/26/03 New contributor JWSchmidt

My Geocities website root page:

long version:

Any material that I wrote and posted at my GeoCities website can be used for the production of Wikipedia entries. JWSchmidt 21:12 Feb 27, 2003 (UTC)

tried making a page based on material at my GeoCities website

Made link from to

2/27/03 had been altered by Zoe and the material I posted marked: Copyright violation from

I need to find out how to leave a note saying that it is okay for my material to be posted on Wikipedia.

Tried to contact Zoe by way of

JWSchmidt 13:55 Feb 27, 2003 (UTC)

Found username Infrogmation at

Tried leaving a reply at and at Infrogmation's page JWSchmidt 20:41 Feb 27, 2003 (UTC)

The situation (above) seems to have been resolved. See the discussion of this page. JWSchmidt 21:31 Feb 27, 2003 (UTC)

Add entries for Scientific determinism and Quantum indeterminacy. JWSchmidt 04:09 Feb 28, 2003 (UTC)

Add entry for greedy reductionism JWSchmidt 07:11 Feb 28, 2003 (UTC)

Add entry for bad science. JWSchmidt 23:23 Feb 28, 2003 (UTC)

Add entry for Sphex JWSchmidt 03:20 Mar 1, 2003 (UTC)

Add entries for the book The Mind's I, MIT COG project, Gerald Edelman, Olaf Sporns, Georges Rey, Terry Winograd, and Thomas Nagel.
JWSchmidt 04:18 Mar 8, 2003 (UTC) ________________________________

Added entry for Science had not been listed as a general science journal.
JWSchmidt 19:17 Mar 8, 2003 (UTC) ___________________________________

Add entry for Eric R Kandel


Note: This (above) is a copy of my old (pre-2006) user page.