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About JackSparrow Ninja
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A little about me
I am a young man in his early 20's with a primary interest in computers and video games, engaged to a beautiful bride and owner of my own company. I live in the Netherlands, though my work takes me all through Europe and the USA.

I like sharing information, and getting to know more about the little things in life. Whenever I surf around Wikipedia, I come upon the most diverse articles. Sharing information is exactly what I like to do here on Wikipedia as well. Whether it is information I have a big interest in, and knowledge of, or something new I came across the other day. I also like fixing up articles, whether it are small things like wrong links, or giving the article a make-over.

Every now and then, I come across a person who I think is nice, crazy, silly, cool, intelligent or anything else positive. For those people, to honour people who are different in a positive way, I've created the JackSparrow Ninja's Cool Cookie Award.

My Ball pit; Ball pits >>> Sandboxes

Vandalist watch list; Vandalist users and ip's to keep an eye on.

More about me later

My Dutch Wiki user page
My Commons Wiki user page

My contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

Number of edits
4112 on the English Wikipedia [1]
871 on the Dutch Wikipedia [2]

date description link
50 11 July 2006 The Legend of Zelda (series)#Cultural influence

changed to a better, more detailed reference

100 22 July 2006 Michael Schumacher#Formula One records

specified when the records were broken

500 18 September 2006 Dungeon Siege II

added to Category:Multiplayer online games

1000 10 November 2006 Krakatoa

clean-up unnecessary Wiki-redirect

2000 27 January 2007 Ring size

Better specification

2500 15 February 2007 Link (The Legend of Zelda)

Revert vandalism

3000 26 February 2007 Talk:Triforce

Explain a change to the article, removing non-cannon information

3500 8 March 2007 Image:Legendofzeldaphantomhourglassmulatiplayer.jpg

Added an image of the multiplayer mode of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

4000 28 March 2007 George and the Dragon (film)

Add otheruse template.


Articles I have created
63 on the English Wikipedia -list
48 on the Dutch Wikipedia -list

4 templates I have created on the English Wikipedia -list

My English image gallery
My Dutch image gallery

Userboxes I created

Articles I enjoy editing[edit]

My view on certain Wikipedian issues[edit]

Source reliability[edit]

Webcomic notability guidelines[edit]

Correct translation of BS Zelda: Kodai no Sekiban[edit]

In the end it means the same, and in the end, Nintendo goes for what sounds best. If you would literally translate the Japanese title of Majora's Mask, you would get Mask of Majora. The Minish Cap -> The Hat of Mystery. Tingle blabla -> The Freshly Picked Rose Coloured Rupee Land of Tingle. Yet, that is not how English works. Ancient Stone Tablets is the generally accepted name and in all this is the best translation.

The use of Alexa to determine notability[edit]

In some notability discussions, -who provide information on the web traffic to other websites- is mentioned to determine notability. While it could be used to determine if a source is notable, it doesn't work the other way. As a professional web designer, I know very well that the service is far from perfect and it can't be used to tag something non-notable.

Questions to investigate[edit]

If a pain has become worse, shouldn't it technically hurt less?

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Idea and layout borrowed -and somewhat changed- from User:Punkmorten via User:Coolcat via User:Guettarda via User:Sebastiankessel