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Hi! I am Tamravidhir. Welcome to my user page. To contact me kindly leave a message on my Talk page. Feel free to edit my Sandbox.

There's nothing that tastes of life more than nature Nature is life....

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भारत गणराज्य
Republic of India

Articles started by me[edit]

Waterfalls represent the continuity of life. As waterfalls go on flowing, akin to them life too goes on and on, but as drought comes the waterfall dries. In the same way life also has an end. But we must go on as long as it flows.
C-Class articleSamta (India)
C-Class articleKathgola
C-Class articleMotijhil
Stub-Class articleJafarganj Cemetery
Stub-Class articleKhushbagh
B-Class articleHazarduari Palace
Stub-Class articleChawk Masjid
Stub-Class articleFauti Masjid
C-Class articleNizamat Imambara
Stub-Class articleWasif Manzil
Start-Class articleNamak Haram Deorhi
C-Class articleStub-Class articleMadina Mosque
Stub-Class articleClock Tower of Murshidabad
Start-Class articleMadanmohan-jiu Temple
Start-Class articleMetropolitan Building (Kolkata)
Stub-Class articleSarat Chandra Kuthi
Stub-Class articleShobhabazar Rajbari
Stub-Class articleNashipur Rajbari
Stub-Class articleNashipur Akhara
B-Class articleTourism in West Bengal
Tourist attractions in West Bengal
Nature is generous..please do your bit to conserve the natural heritage of our world.
Stub-Class articleJahan Kosha Cannon
Stub-Class articleBachhawali Tope
C-Class articleStart-Class articleMansur Ali Khan
C-Class articleStart-Class articleMubarak Ali Khan (Nawab of Bengal)
C-Class articleStart-Class articleZain-ud-Din Ali Khan
Stub-Class articleSahibzadi Shajar Ara Begum
Soap Opera
Start-Class articleAnamika (TV series)
Start-Class articleJeannie Aur Juju

Others include some disambiguation pages like:

Disambiguation pageSarat Chandra
Disambiguation pageSamta
Disambiguation pageSamata
Disambiguation pageMetropolitan Building
Disambiguation pageMotijheel (disambiguation)
Disambiguation pageChawk Mosque (disambiguation)

Templates and categories introduced by me[edit]

Template:Tourist attractions in Kolkata
Template:Tourist attractions in Murshidabad
Category pageCategory:Tourist attractions in Murshidabad

Articles expanded by me[edit]

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Further information: Wikipedia:WikiProject India

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WikiProject Tamravidhir
WikiProject icon This page is within the scope of user Tamravidhir. This is an effort to recognise the user subpages of Tamravidhir with the main userpage on Wikipedia. If you would like to contact Tamravidhir a message, you can leave a message on the user's talk page.

This template was created by me on 20 August 2012 to keep all my account subpages together, so that I don't loose track of them! The WikiProject was made just for the sake of filling in the project parameter of the banner.

Birthday wishes[edit]


  • It's My Birthday!!
Schokoladentorte Buttercreme Tulpen dritter Geburtstag 113.JPG My B'day Cake
Hi!! Today is my b'day and I though of sharing this sweet gift with you!! Jagadhatri(২০১২) 06:20, 16 May 2012 (UTC)
  • I am back

Hi (receiver's name) may be remembering "Jagadhatri"! Yes, I am back after 2 months with a brand new name Tamravidhir...just informing!! Face-wink.svg --Tamravidhir(২০১২) 10:50, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

  • The tale of two lost....
Books will not last forever but they do keep us happy for the short time they stay with us.. is not just a piece of a past written on papers..but it is a thing which is to inspire the next generations for years to is a thing to feel...thing to love and admire at. Literary history, political history, economical and social history, architectural history, archaeological history and please do your bit to promote the ambitions related to it are going low....

Let the glory of the Taj never fade! not just a piece of masonry...but our culture, mannerisms, ideologies, food habits, religion and please do your bit to conserve it....

Just an initiative led by me - a history buff and heritage lover - to promote the diverse culture of India, which is diminishing its glory amidst foreign cultures....

Go, spread this message to others...but the "ultimate choice" lies upon you

Yours faithfully --Tamravidhir(২০১২) 24 July 2012 (UTC)

  • A great and grand success....
Carol Lay self-portrait.png Moment of Joy!
What brought me to Wikipedia was the lack of information in the article of Meera. In mid-April 2012, after spending nearly 3 and a half months, I planned to add to those article which are seldom edited by others. Those included the Nawabs of Bengal & Murshidabad, articles related to it and soap opera articles. Soap operas are ongoing so I have to edit them daily but the article on the Nawabs is a piece of history...and I took up the work alone. Later, in May some editors helped me to fix typos and grammatical errors, but soon withdrew back their help. But, by God's grace I finished with the work today on 4 August 2012 and would love to share this success with you! My condition was same as the flying man in the pic, trying to catch a several things at the same time before it's too late. I don't know whether he succeeds or not, bu I did succeed! However, I still have to add some references and summarize the plots of soap opera articles in the soap opera articles. If you want, then you can help. Thank you for all who helped me all these days...thank you again! --Tamravidhir(২০১২) 13:52, 4 August 2012 (UTC)

Thank you! --Tamravidhir(২০১২) 13:52, 4 August 2012 (UTC)

  • Backie back!!

Hey people Tamravidhir is back! I may be online for some 7 days and then come back on November 20 2012!! --Tamravidhir (Jiva Is Shiva!) 13:08, 1 November 2012 (UTC) (Following traditions)

  • A cup of coffee for you!
A small cup of coffee.JPG I am so happy. I want to share it. You know why am I so happy? Because I have been provided with the rollback feature!! Tamravidhir (Jiva is Shiva!) 14:33, 27 November 2012 (UTC)


Criteria Article / Picture Author / Photographer Wikilink Result
Featured Picture (FP) Durga Puja at College Square, Kolkata in India (2010) Me FP candidate Nominated
Featured Article (FA) Tourism in West Bengal Me FA candidate
Featured Picture (FP) Vidysagar Setu is the second bridge that links Kolkata to Howrah. It is located over the Hooghly river in the Indian state of West Bengal V3mpyrik FP candidate
Good article (GA) Nawabs of Bengal and Murshidabad (IP address user) GA candidate Promoted

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Picture of the day

Gassed is a 231 × 611 cm (7.6 × 20 ft) oil painting completed in March 1919 by John Singer Sargent. Painted after Sargent visited the Western Front on a commission by the British War Memorials Committee, it depicts the aftermath of a mustard gas attack during the First World War, with a line of wounded soldiers walking towards a dressing station. The painting, voted picture of the year by the Royal Academy of Arts in 1919, is now held by the Imperial War Museum.

Painting: John Singer Sargent
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