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I was new to editing on Wikipedia but following the news stories about it for quite a while when I got into an argument with someone on a newsgroup about Wikipedia's reliability as a source. As I defended the Wiki principle of "anyone can edit", I realised that I could be editing instead of talking about it.

I wouldn't have joined if I didn't still think Wikipedia was a great project. It attracts predominantly the right sort of people, who want to write an on-line encyclopedia of human knowledge.

How sad is that?

I respect the goals of the project, and so I support Wikipedia philosophies and policies, particularly WP:AGF, WP:CIVIL, WP:3RR, WP:NPOV and WP:VAND, to the hilt. For my favourite policy, see WP:BEANS.

This is amazing! It sums up how we can use conflicts to build our community instead of letting them tear us apart. I recommend that everyone read it.

Main activities and areas of interest
  • Copyediting
  • Filling in gaps
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