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Sith Lord
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I also like Pirates. ARRRRRRRRRR!
I also like Pirates. ARRRRRRRRRR!
Name Jake Riley
Born April 20th, 1993
Sutton Coldfield, UK
Current location Walsall, UK
Family and friends
Marital status Single
Spouse None
Children None
Education and employment
Occupation Student
Education A Level Student
High school The Streetly School
College The Streetly School Sixth Form
University Not Yet
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Religion Atheist
Politics Capitalist
Aliases Jake, The Guy with the Weird Hand

Star Wars, Pokemon, Final Fantasy... basically any RPG

Contact info
Website [1]
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Hello! I'm Jake Riley, and welcome to my Wikipedia page. I use Wikipedia for practically anything, because as Rowena Ravenclaw from Harry Potter said "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure"- and I agree completely with this thesis. You can find information about me, my interests, and contact details on this page.


I was born as Jake Conner Riley in Sutton Coldfield in the UK to Amanda Jayne Wanstall & Jason James Riley. I am now studying my A-Levels and hoping to get into university.

My Interests[edit]

Star Wars[edit]

Yes, I am a Star Wars nerd. I am a member of Wookieepedia. I wear Lego Star Wars-themed T-shirts, much to the embarassment of my sister. A New Hope was the first film I watched, I remember my mom bringing it back from a video store when I was just a kid! I have to say- my favourite part of the Star Wars Saga is definately the games Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel. I also like the Legacy Comics.

Final Fantasy[edit]

Final Fantasy is the best. And Leon is better than Cloud. And FF8 is better than FF7. And Balthier is cool. :-)


Some may class it as a kid's game. I say... screw you! I've played Pokémon since the first game came out and I'm not about to give up now! With the remakes of Gold & Silver (my favourites so far) coming forth, I personally cannot wait.


I love Twilight. It's my friends fault. CURSE YOU KT AND JESS!! But anyway, Carlisle is clearly the best, and Vampires are sooooo better than the Quilete Werewolves, who aren't even werewolves, just shapeshifters. How lame is that?


To complete my nerdification, I was introduced to Science. I love it. Chemistry and Anthropology are my favourites. I watch Bones too much, basically.