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The Signpost
2 July 2014

Hi. I am a danish 25 year old medical student at the University of Copenhagen. Before starting medical school I received a Bachelor of science (BSc) in Medicine with Industrial Specialization from Aalborg University. My main focus editing Wikipedia is:

  • Making redirects from and adding Latin names to pre-existing anatomy articles, so users of these terms have easy access to information on wikipedia.
  • Improving anatomical articles about the human leg

To do list[edit]

Ideas for anatomy project[edit]

  1. Define criteria for importance rating
  2. Update member list (create former member list)
  3. Clear guidelines for banner placing including WP MED, MCB and ZOO
  4. New pages section
  5. Guidelines for word substitution for non-anatomic expert readers
  6. Set goals for year, month...
  7. Update template list
  8. Missing article list