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I have a good knowledge of mythology and legends and reasonable expertise in linguistics and history as well as the usual odds and ends of knowledge about all kinds of odd ends. Þórån pembinfull

I am currently not participating in Wikipedia.

Other calls on my time have increased, and some things must go. I was already spending more time on Wikipedia than I should have in respect to other parts of my life and the results were increasingly frustrating.

I do not have hours available to jump through hoops to argue that I am not engaging in original research in quoting and summarizing material from reputable sources, especially when the primary sources are easily available, are published by Oxford University Press and Cambridge University and the accusers don't bother to look at them, preferring their own original non-research.

I do not have hours available to argue that it is wrong to insist that English words which has different regional spellings should be, as much as possible, banned from Wikipedia articles, though there are Wikipedians claiming this is actually Wikipedian policy: US writers who see each use of a British spelling as a weapon posed against their spellings and British writers who see each use of a US spelling as a weapon posed against their preferred spellings, and who have agreed to the supposedly "neutrality" of banning, as far as possible, all such words from Wikipedia.

It was becomming a waste of my time, time I cannot afford to waste.

Jallan 18:43, 23 Jan 2005 (UTC)