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I'm Jason A. Quest. I'm a writer and illustrator, and I play with technology.

I am the admin of, a web site about Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie, and related subjects. Much of the "foundation" information on which the site is built is gratefully derived from Wikipedia, and I continue to feed information and materials back to Wikipedia from it, as appropriate.

Although I am greatly interested in comics, I try to steer clear of articles which the Wikipedia Comics Project claims ownership of, to avoid having to deal with the sadly typical comics-nerd-with-OCD tendencies it exemplifies.

Although I am sure that the editors who "patrol" new articles and uploads mean well, I think that Wikipedia has a developed an unhealthy culture in that community where editors who treat it like a trigger-twitching shoot-em-up video game are treated as heroes, rather than as recklessly biting newcomers and engaging in behavior that is so antisocial that it is inherently uncivil. Scaring off new editors and unthinking drive-by attacks on the works of established editors have become a tactic for maintaining order, and their philosophy of "guilty unless proven innocent" or "shoot first and respond to discussion later" is simply inconsistent with WP:AGF. They're like the Stalinists of Soviet Russia, the pigs of Animal Farm, or the apolitical bureaucrats of modern Washington: they probably got into it for all the right reasons, and got addicted the high of shooting down others' contributions. WP guidelines say "don't disrupt Wikipedia to prove a point"; they disrupt Wikipedia to prove... I don't know, probably something about power. It corrupts.

I spend little time trying to edit Wikipedia these days, because I have tired of dealing the certifiable lunatics who revert and/or snarl at every attempt to improve the articles they have pissed on and claimed as their own. Since I lack the degree of mental illness that compels them to do so, I try to just let the social retards have their way.