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Proposed project: OS Development[edit]

Some people may have noticed me sending them messages about a proposed project on OS development.

I decided this would a good project, as generally, operatings are quite a large but specific area of computing, and the quality of content on OSs that can see on wikipedia vary a lot.

I want to create a project to first organise all the OS related articles, and secondly to work on those articles that really need working on.

At the moment I really need people to support the project, also anyone whos interested, you can pop me a message any questions for me speicfically. Another thing is: if you know anyone who would like to support it, then i'd be very grateful if you could direct them to the project.

The project proposal can be found here: Os Development

Articles I am interested in and have worked on[edit]

Articles I have particular interest in, and have worked on include:

- Memory Protection
- Gateway (computer networking)
- Cpanel

I am also thinking of doing some serious work on articles relating to operating systems.