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  • {{advert|date=November 2007}} looks like an advertising
  • {{buzzword|date=November 2007}} use of buzzwords
  • {{citations missing|date=November 2007}} need citations that are otherwise referred to
  • {{cleanup|date=November 2007}} general cleanup
  • {{cleanup-jargon|date=November 2007}} use of jargon
  • {{cleanup-restructure|date=November 2007}} need to restructure
  • {{cleanup-school|date=November 2007}} cleanup for a school
  • {{copyedit|date=November 2007}} spelling, grammar, style, cohesion
  • {{copypaste|date=November 2007}} may have been copied and pasted
  • {{expand|date=November 2007}} expand the article
  • {{external links|date=November 2007}} need to add external links
  • {{importance|date=November 2007}} unclear about importance
  • {{local|date=November 2007}} place of local interest, but too brief
  • {{POV|date=November 2007}} use of POV
  • {{refimprove|date=November 2007}} needs citations to verify
  • {{uncategorized|date=November 2007}} not categorized
  • {{unreferenced|article}} no citation whatsoever
  • {{wikify|date=November 2007}} wikify this article

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