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Talcott Mountain viewed from the vicinity of the Pinchot Sycamore

Hello, I am Jonathan Hochman, SEO, SEM and internet marketing consultant. I have financial interests in Hochman Consultants, Search Engine Marketing New England, and CodeGuard. I am also president-elect of the Rotary Club in Bloomfield, Connecticut. I don't edit on behalf of clients. Please don't ask me to identify clients. Aside from what is disclosed on my expert witness CV, that information is private and may be subject to confidentiality agreements. Once in a while, I may explain to a client how Wikipedia works, or how to resolve issues with Wikipedia, but that has never been a focus of my work. I am most interested in technical SEO, pay-per-click advertising, marketing strategy, website security, and website performance. On Wikipedia people often call me Jehochman, or Jeh, but I don't mind if you use my real name.

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If you have a disagreement with me, please use my talk page first. I respond best to comments based on evidence presented neutrally with links or diffs. If that fails to resolve the dispute, go find any one or two longstanding editors, and ask them to weigh in. (I may do the same.) Should that fail to resolve concerns you can then (1) file a report at WP:ANI if the dispute is related to my editing activities, (2) start a thread at WP:AN if you would like to review one of my administrative actions, or (3) file a request for arbitration if the dispute relates to my activities in general.

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Cite4Wiki.xpi is an open source Firefox and SeaMonkey browser add-on that automatically generates reference citations in wikicode for any webpage. Specifically, it produces a {{Cite web}} wrapped in an <ref>, with site details. See Wikipedia:Cite4Wiki for more information.

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