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This is my user page. On it you will find the things I am meaning to eventually complete, a list of the pages I've created or helped to refine, and some userboxes. These include a link to my place in the Disambiguator Hall of Fame, my User rights, and my place among various Wikipedian ranking mechanisms. All of which doesn't mean all that much to anyone but me I suppose. Well, unless you count my friends of course.

My Favourite Quotes on Wikipedia

~ From a description of Unicron on its Wikipedia page.
  • "If the user fills the cup only to that level, the imbiber may enjoy a drink in peace. If the imbiber exhibits gluttony, however, the cup spills its entire contents out the bottom (onto the lap of the immodest drinker)."
~ From a description of the Pythagorean cup on its Wikipedia page.
~ From a decree by the Supreme Cabal Regime of the English Wikipedia.
~ On the cultural significance of the watermelon on its Wikipedia page.
  • "Tiamat is a chaos monster, a primordial goddess of the ocean ... It is suggested that there are two parts to the Tiamat mythos, the first in which Tiamat is 'creatrix', through a "Sacred marriage" between salt and fresh water, peacefully creating the cosmos through successive generations. In the second "Chaoskampf" Tiamat is considered the monstrous embodiment of primordial chaos."
~ From a characterization of Tiamat on its Wikipedia page
  • "Hallucinogenic fish can be contrasted with psychedelic fish. Psychedelic fish do not usually produce hallucinations if eaten, but look as if they were the product of a psychedelic hallucination."
~ An example of where using the right word makes all the difference; from the Hallucinogenic fish Wikipedia page
  • "[I]n 2011, a woman in Georgia pierced a fiber backbone line with a shovel and left the neighboring country of Armenia without Internet access for 12 hours."
~ An example of the frailty of human civilization; from the Internet backbone Wikipedia page
  • "The Earth is a fist."
~ The kind of stuff I wish I could add but for which there is no place here

Things to do


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