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Jeremy York's Websites[edit]

Jeremy York discography
Studio albums 30
Compilation albums 2
Singles 183
B-sides 183
Tribute and cover albums 30

Jeremy York Albums[edit]

Year Release Date Album Label
2009 2/21/09 Jeremy York Phenom's Records
5/22/09 Phenom
5/23/09 Hoosier Boy
7/4/09 For President
11/26/09 Merry Christmas
2010 2/21/10 Emotional Remains
4/3/10 I'm Not Normal
6/25/10 This Is It
10/1/10 Ghost Hunter
2011 3/5/11 The Two Sides Of Me
Echoes Of Memories
8/27/11 Songs From The Vault
11/1/11 The Life And Times Of Me
2012 1/1/12 2012
6/26/12 Beginnings
Paid Vacation
Repeat Offender
Rush Street
11/22/12 Season's Greetings
2013 7/10/13 And Richard Marx
Days In Avalon
Duo Live
Stories To Tell
9/19/13 Best Of The Worst
11/28/13 Happy Holidays
2014 2/21/14 Real As Can Be
5/21/14 Another Repeat Offender
8/6/14 Is A Joke

Jeremy York Singles[edit]

Year Release Date Single (original) Single (cover) Album
2008 12/31/08 "I Am Here" "Nothing You Can Do About It" Jeremy York
2009 1/31/09 "Just Once More" "Faith Of The Heart"
2/21/09 "Invisible" "No Ordinary Love"
3/15/09 "Baby Girl" "Take You Back"
3/31/09 "How Blind I Was" "Killer Klowns From Outer Space"
4/13/09 "Forbidden Love" "Through My Veins"
5/1/09 "Phenom" "Days In Avalon" Phenom
"Hoosier Boy" "Angel's Lullaby" Hoosier Boy
5/22/09 "Thanks" "Right Here Waiting" Phenom
5/23/09 "Back Home" "Blessed" Hoosier Boy
6/1/09 "Sinned" "Better Or Worse" Phenom
"Better Son" "Puff The Magic Dragon" Hoosier Boy
6/13/09 "Fly Peacefully" "Thanks To You" Phenom
"In Another Life" "Daddy's Little Girl" Hoosier Boy
7/4/09 "All My Life" "In This All Alone" Phenom
"The One You Need" "Part Of Me" Hoosier Boy
"For President" "God Bless The U.S.A." For President
7/18/09 "World Without You" "Always On Your Mind" Phenom
"You Still Bring Heaven Into My Life" "Angelia" Hoosier Boy
"The End" "The Defense Of Fort Henry" For President
8/2/09 "Dependence" "Where Were You"
8/17/09 "In Search Of Freedom" "Ghost Of Freedom"
8/29/09 "Hope" "History"
9/16/09 "Semper Fi" "Hands In Your Pocket"
10/8/09 "Paradise Needle" "Shutting Detroit Down"
11/26/09 "Merry Christmas" "The Christmas Song" Merry Christmas
12/3/09 "Believe In The Magic" "O Holy Night"
12/8/09 "One More Day" "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day"
12/12/09 "Christmas Solitude" "Frosty The Snowman"
12/17/09 "Christmas" "Joy To The World"
12/20/09 "Remember The Season" "I Believe In Father Christmas"
12/21/09 "So Excited" "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas"
12/22/09 "My First Christmas" "Jingle Bell Rock"
12/23/09 "This Time Of Year" "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree"
12/24/09 "It's Merry Christmas" "Last Christmas"
12/25/09 "He Has Come" "What Child Is This"
2010 2/21/10 "Emotional Remains" "I'm Still Here" Emotional Remains
2/28/10 "Beyond The Rapture" "Somewhere Deep Inside"
3/7/10 "After All These Years" "Mad World"
3/14/10 "Things Are Better" "Nothing Less Than Love"
3/21/10 "Frogs" "Done To Me"
3/28/10 "Take Away My Lifeline" "What Hurts The Most"
4/3/10 "You've Got A Friend" "Best I Ever Had"
"I'm Not Normal" "Splish Splash" I'm Not Normal
4/9/10 "Back To Where I Belong" "Everything Good" Emotional Remains
"Still Lost" "Rock Around The Clock" I'm Not Normal
4/29/10 "Is It Too Late To Say I Love You" "Wild Horses" Emotional Remains
"Lose You" "A Teenager In Love" I'm Not Normal
5/25/10 "Questions" "If You're Not The One" Emotional Remains
"Intimidator In Our Hearts" "Rocking Robin" I'm Not Normal
6/3/10 "Jezebel" "Help" Emotional Remains
"The Good Son" "At The Hop" I'm Not Normal
6/13/10 "The Rest Of Your Life" "Edge Of A Broken Heart" Emotional Remains
"Hard Words That Bruised A Child's Heart" "The Great Pretender" I'm Not Normal
6/25/10 "This Is It" "Unbreakable" This Is It
7/6/10 "Legacy" "You Rock My World"
7/15/10 "Eraser" "Stranger In Moscow"
7/21/10 "Coming To Lake Tahoe" "The Girl Is Mine"
8/3/10 "A Promise You Can Keep" "The Way You Make Me Feel"
8/18/10 "Hit Strings And Scream" "Heal The World"
9/03/10 "To Kiss You Again" "Black Or White"
9/16/10 "I Don't Care" "Who Is It"
10/1/10 "Ghost Hunter" "This Is Halloween" Ghost Hunter
10/3/10 "The Night He Came Home" "The Ghost Is Here"
10/7/10 "Haunting Me" "What Should I Be"
10/12/10 "The Haunted Ranch" "Jeremy"
10/15/10 "Things Paranormal" "The Monster Mash"
10/17/10 "Hallowed Ground" "Purple People Eater"
10/19/10 "Dark Night Of The Scarecrow" "Escape From The Planet Of The Ant Men"
10/22/10 "Blood On The Dance Floor" "Welcome To My Nightmare"
10/26/10 "The Creatures Of The Night" "Booby Trap"
10/29/10 "You Hurt Me" "It's Terror Time Again"
10/31/10 "Ghost Of Us" "Thriller"
2011 3/5/11 "The Two Sides Of Me" "More Than A Mystery" The Two Sides Of Me
"Echoes Of Memories" "Should've Known Better" Echoes Of Memories
3/22/11 "Falling In Love" "Sunshine" The Two Sides Of Me
"The Last Song" "Fool's Game" Echoes Of Memories
4/9/11 "I'm The Girl For You" "So Into You" The Two Sides Of Me
"Missing You Now" "Here Without You" Echoes Of Memories
5/16/11 "Brigette's Song" "Me And You" The Two Sides Of Me
"It's A Lie" "Good Riddance" Echoes Of Memories
6/26/11 "Best Kept Secret" "The Lucky One" The Two Sides Of Me
"Happy Birthday To Me" "Out Of My System" Echoes Of Memories
7/4/11 "Feel The Loneliness" "Can't Help Falling In Love" The Two Sides Of Me
"Desperately Miss You" "Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You" Echoes Of Memories
7/30/11 "Dreamcatcher" "Just Give I'd Given Up Dreaming" The Two Sides Of Me
"Killing Me" "Dependence" Echoes Of Memories
8/5/11 "An Endless Evening" "The Lady In My Life" The Two Sides Of Me
"Burning The Days" "Back To You" Echoes Of Memories
8/14/11 "Songs From The Vault" "All Is Said And Done" Songs From The Vault
8/27/11 "No Apologies" "Welcome To The Bottom"
9/4/11 "Leadership" "Blue Monday"
9/10/11 "Two Weeks Notice" "You're A God"
9/20/11 "Mad" "Shout"
9/24/11 "Wake Me Up" "Calling In Sick"
9/30/11 "I Can't Sing" "Dirty Laundry"
10/8/11 "Little Boy" "Tabloid Junkie"
10/16/11 "Wolf Crying" "Shackled"
10/16/11 "Don't Laugh" "Superstar"
11/1/11 "The Life And Times Of Me" "In The House Of Stone And Light" The Life And Times Of Me
11/6/11 "Reflections" "The Best Of Me"
11/11/11 "Could You Love Me" "Spin"
11/22/11 "Always Love You" "I Miss My Friend"
11/27/11 "Nestle" "Girls In Cars"
12/13/11 "Bone Sway" "You're Not My God"
12/23/11 "Here Comes The Bride" "Miami 2017"
12/25/11 "Hold" "Making Some Noise"
12/26/11 "Your Little Secret" "Get Over It"
12/28/11 "Full Potential" "Standing Outside The Fire"
12/31/11 "Losing Everything I Never Knew" "Fire And Rain"
2012 1/1/12 "2012" "Brand New Year" 2012
1/20/12 "Better Life" "If Today Was Your Last Day"
2/12/12 "I Long For Your Heart" "It's The End Of The World As We Know It"
2/21/12 "Your Gift" "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"
3/17/12 "Clown Like Me" "Auld Lang Syne"
4/5/12 "Who She Is" "The Sound Of Silence"
4/22/12 "Are You The Princess I've Been Looking For" "Dreamer"
5/3/12 "Come Together" "The Reaper"
5/16/12 "Someday, Somehow" "Hole In The World"
5/21/12 "A Teen's Demise" "Feeling Good"
5/28/12 "One Thing Missing" "Beautiful"
6/13/12 "Do You Love Me" "Times Like These"
11/22/12 "Season's Greetings" "Do They Know It's Christmas" Season's Greetings
11/25/12 "Worse Of The Best" "All Alone On Christmas"
11/28/12 "This Christmas" "Christmas Time Is Here"
12/1/12 "Come December" "Perfect Day"
12/6/12 "Flippy The Penguin" "Until Santa's Gone"
12/9/12 "Naughty Or Nice" "Christmas Don't Be Late"
12/13/12 "Christmas Mornings" "Call Me Claus"
12/16/12 "Bring The Troops Home" "Let There Be Peace On Earth"
12/20/12 "Santa Claus Is Coming Back To Town" "Jingle Bombs"
12/21/12 "A Wishful Time Of Year" "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"
12/22/12 "Santa Claus" "Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy"
12/23/12 "Good Will And Peace" "Here Comes Santa Claus"
12/24/12 "By The Fireside" "It Won't Be The Same This Year"
12/25/12 "Santa Is Real" "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"
2013 9/19/13 "Best Of The Worst" "Here I Go Again" Best Of The Worst
10/13/13 "My Way" "No Boundaries"
10/20/13 "Don't Take That All Away" "I'll Never Go"
10/26/13 "Inside My Heart" "How You Remind Me"
10/31/13 "Out Of My Head" "Brave"
11/8/13 "Teach Me" "Against All Odds"
11/28/13 "Happy Holidays" "The First Noel" Happy Holidays
12/2/13 "The Greatest Story" "Little Donkey"
12/5/13 "The Miracle Of The Spirit" "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"
12/9/13 "True Meaning" "Hark The Herald Angels Sing"
12/14/13 "This Peaceful Night" "The Way It Will Be"
12/16/13 "How Could We Forget" "I Saw Three Ships"
12/19/13 "Santa Kneels" "Go Tell It On The Mountain"
12/20/13 "Shining New Star" "Christmas Spirit"
12/21/13 "Jesus" "Patapan"
12/22/13 "Sound The Trumpets" "O Come O Come Emmanuel"
12/23/13 "Little Horse" "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
12/24/13 "Offensive" "Do You Hear What I Hear"
12/25/13 "His Only Son" "Alleluia"
2014 2/10/14 "Real As Can Be" "In The Air Tonight" Real As Can Be
2/21/14 "Looking Back" "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child"
3/3/14 "Crystal" "Half-Light"
3/13/14 "33" "The One That Got Away"
3/19/14 "Five Years" "It's Too Late"
3/24/14 "That Much" "Tears In Heaven"
4/5/14 "Speechless" "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know"
4/12/14 "I Can See Clearly Now" "Whole Wide World"
4/24/14 "Calling And Falling" "Rolling In The Deep"
5/4/14 "Misleading Myself" "What If"
5/21/14 "Another Repeat Offender" "Falling" Another Repeat Offender
5/31/14 "Sometimes" "Echo"
6/13/14 "All Of Me" "Just Go"
6/26/14 "Flirt" "I Am That Man"
6/30/14 "I Won't Get It" "Mr. Sandman"
7/4/14 "Take The Dare" "Two Princes"
7/9/14 "Deepest Desires" "Don't Waste The Pretty"
7/20/14 "Ahead Of Us" "Even Now"
7/23/14 "Smoking" "I'm Gonna Be"
7/26/14 "Chasing The Sun" "Why Don't You And I"
7/28/14 "Blessed" "Look Away"
8/6/14 "Is A Joke" "Walk The Dinosaur" Is A Joke
8/9/14 "In A Different Way" "Whatever We Started"
8/13/14 "Eyes On Me" "Danger Zone"
8/16/14 "Touch Of Heaven" "Yeah Mo Be There"
8/20/14 "Until You Come Back To Me" "Willingly"
8/23/14 "Forgot To Remember" "Big Me"
8/27/14 "Slipping Away" "Blood, Milk, And Sky"
8/30/14 "What's The Story" "Big Yellow Taxi"
9/3/14 "Inside" "The Letter"

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Pages I've Created[edit]

Richard Marx discography
Days In Avalon
My Own Best Enemy
Duo (album)
Richard Marx songwriting and production discography
Greatest Hits (Richard Marx album: Avon release)
Signal 21 Records
Richard Marx session discography
The Best Of Richard Marx
Emotional Remains
Sundown (Richard Marx album)
Ballads (Richard Marx album)
Timeline (Richard Marx album)
Live In USA 1988/92
Channel V At The Hard Rock Live (Richard Marx album)
The Music Of Richard Marx: 1987-2009
The Essential "Weird Al" Yankovic
Live Music Hall Koln 1992
Killer Klowns From Outer Space (album)
Stories To Tell
Hits & Ballads
Duo Live
The Christmas EP
The Essential Richard Marx
Inside My Head
A Night Out With Friends
Christmas Spirit
Seven And Seven
Echoes From The Underground
Now And Forever: The Ballads
Beautiful Goodbye

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Richard Marx Albums[edit]

Year Album Label
1987 Richard Marx Manhattan Records
1989 Repeat Offender
1991 Rush Street Capitol Records
1992 Live In USA 1988/92 Arriba Records
1992 Live Music Hall Koln 1992
1993 Greatest Hits Cema Special Markets
1994 Paid Vacation Capitol Records
1995 Ballads
1995 Channel V At The Had Rock Live
1997 His Songs, Your Life
1997 Flesh And Bone
1997 Greatest Hits
2000 The Best Of Richard Marx
2000 The Essential Richard Marx EMI Gold
2000 Days In Avalon Signal 21 Records
2000 Timeline
2004 My Own Best Enemy Manhattan Records
2008 Duo Echo
2008 Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band Live 2006 Koch Records
2008 Emotional Remains Zanzibar Records
2008 Sundown
2009 The Music Of Richard Marx: 1987-2009 Chrysalis Music Group
2010 Stories To Tell
2010 Hits & Ballads
2010 Duo Live
2011 The Christmas EP
2012 Inside My Head Frontier Records
2012 A Night Out With Friends Zanzibar
2012 Christmas Spirit
2012 Seven & Seven
2014 Now and Forever: The Ballads Universal
2014 Beautiful Goodbye Zanzibar/Kobalt

Richard Marx Singles[edit]

Year Single Album
1987 "Don't Mean Nothing" Richard Marx
"Should've Known Better"
"Lonely Heart"
1988 "Endless Summer Nights"
"Hold On To The Nights"
"Have Mercy"
1989 "Satisfied" Repeat Offender
"Right Here Waiting"
"Nothing You Can Do About It"
1990 "Too Late to Say Goodbye"
"Children Of The Night"
1991 "Keep Coming Back" Rush Street
"Vovler A Ti Amor"
1992 "Hazard"
"Take This Heart"
"Chains Around My Heart"
Can't Help Falling In Love
1993 Playing With Fire
1994 "Now And Forever" Paid Vacation
Ahora Y Siempre
"Silent Scream"
"The Way She Loves Me"
1995 "Nothing Left Behind Us"
"Haunt Me Tonight" A Lyre In A Windstorm
1997 "Until I Find You Again" Flesh And Bone
"Touch Of Heaven"
Every Day Of Your Life
"Slipping Away" Greatest Hits
1998 "At The Beginning" (with Donna Lewis) Anastasia (soundtrack)
2000 "Days In Avalon" Days In Avalon
2001 "Straight From My Heart"
2004 "When You're Gone" My Own Best Enemy
2005 "Ready To Fly"
"Nothing Left To Say"
"One Thing Left"
"The Other Side"
2008 "Part Of Me" Emotional Remains
2009 "Always On Your Mind" Sundown
"In This All Alone"
"When November Falls" Emotional Remains
"Save Me"
2010 "Everybody" Stories To Tell
2011 "When You Loved Me"
"When Love Is All You've Got" Better Be Home Soon
"Christmas Spirit" The Christmas EP
2012 "Wouldn't Let Me Love You" Inside My Head
"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" (with Sara Niemietz) Christmas Spirit
"Little Drummer Boy"
"Christmas Mornings"
"O Holy Night"
2013 "Just Go" Beautiful Goodbye
"All Through The Night" (with Heart) Heart Christmas Single 2013
2014 "Whatever We Started" Beautiful Goodbye
"Beautiful Goodbye"


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