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University Student
"Kolik jazyků znáš, tolikrát jsi člověkem."
- Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk

About me

I'm a Latvian-born Czech girl of Czech, Russian, Latvian, and Swedish descent with a passion for psychology and languages. I attended New York University as an exchange student this past year but am now back to Charles University in Prague. I can speak Latvian, Czech, Slovak, and English fluently, I have some skills in Swedish, French, and Russian, and have a little understanding of all the Slavic languages. I'm a liberal vegetarian with blue hair and I just love life.

My work

I work mainly on Eurovision Song Contest-related pages. I have created hundreds (maybe :P) of pages related to the contest but I have lost track of what they are, sorry. I also edit sometimes at Miss USA and Miss Universe-related pages and Big Brother-related pages.

Contact me

Leave a message on my talk page :)

Currently I'm working on creating pages for notable performers in national finals for Eurovision. I've created so far:

Some performers I'm hoping to be able to create pages for are:

  • Laura Cserpes
  • Olga Rajecka
  • Sabīne Berezina
  • Doinița Gherman
  • Boris Covali
  • Mikko Pohjola