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Blueberry Girl / Plane of rotation / The Wolves in the Walls / St Mary and St Cuthbert, Chester-le-Street / Chinatown, Newcastle / Chester Burn viaduct
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photos and diagrams uploaded
Front view of St Mary and St Cuthbert.
Anchorage window at St Mary and St Cuthbert.
North wall of St Mary and St Cuthbert.
Lewis holes on stones in St Mary and St Cuthbert church.
The Queens Head Hotel on Front Street, Chester-le-Street.
Chester-le-Street front street.
The Bethel United Reform church on Low Chare, Chester-le-Street.
Stowell Street, Newcastle.
Richard Grainger memorial.
Two bivectors, two of the non-parallel sides of a prism, being added to give a third bivector.
A rotation in three dimensions showing the axis and plane of rotation.
Graph of (sec(t), cosec(t)), or x2 + y2 = (xy)2, with 2 horizontal and 2 vertical asymptotes.
Proof by rearrangement of Pythagoras's theorem.
Diagram for differential proof of Pythagoras's theorem.
Diagram of two proofs of Pythagoras's theorem.

Other images uploaded[edit]

Images from A Thousand Years of The Church in Chester-le-Street, published 1883
The interior of a building, symmetric with two lines of tall pillars on either side, with candelabras and wooden benches between them.
The interior before renovations done in 1883. 
A a church, its spire rising far above the a few trees and houses around it.
The church from the northwest. 
A view over trees and buildings, with a tall spire visible to right, a rectangular building in the distance.
A view over Chester-le-Street towards Lumley Castle
Various irregularly shaped weathered and carved stones.
Stones found at the church and nearby, now at The Ankers House. 
A rectangular stone, stood on one end, with carvings of a man on a horse, another horse, geometric designs and some letters.
The shaft of an Anglo-Saxon cross, now at The Ankers house. 
Two large church bells resting on a stone pavement, each carved with a indistinguishable inscription.
Two of the original bells (cast in 1409).