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This page is about a Wikipedia editor, a harmless drudge. It is not part of the encyclopedia. For the 14th-century theologian, see John of Reading.
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Typo fixing with AutoWikiBrowser[edit]

I correct Wikipedia typos on an industrial scale with AutoWikiBrowser (details here).

Current projects:

I scan a downloaded copy of the Wikipedia text. Please feel free to ask me to run scans for you. My latest download is enwiki-20140811-pages-articles.xml.bz2 watch for a new download.

Other cleanup[edit]

Recent changes patrol[edit]

I aim to review all changes in the Portal and Portal talk namespaces, excluding the active Current events sub-pages; and all changes in the Help and Help talk namespaces.

Assisting at the Help desks[edit]

I have a go at answering some of the technical questions.

Content creation[edit]

Writing content that meets Wikipedia's policies is hard. I've created four articles:

Re-arranging existing content is much easier. I've worked on several portals, either helping other editors to set them up, or reworking abandoned portals with {{Random portal component}}.

I've created one help page, Help:Infobox picture.

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