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Some of my philosophy, Horatio[edit]

  • I'm pretty much just here to work on an encyclopedia.
  • I believe edit summaries are an oft-missed opportunity for communication, and I use them pretty religiously. In fact, I rarely use my rollback privilege, because it leaves uninformative summaries.
  • I try to observe a one revert rule, except in obvious cases of repeated vandalism.
  • I think references are very important—otherwise, this isn't much of an encyclopedia. I like inline citations.

Articles I've put a lot of work into[edit]

Rosie the RiveterBoston Latin SchoolNetflix PrizeBuffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

See my other edit stats.

Other things I work on[edit]

Tools I use[edit]

Citation templatesLast 500 anon. edits • {{subst:unsigned2}}

Bots etc.[edit]

I'm working on Navibot. It will find disambiguation entries, e.g.:

I'm also thinking of writing a formatting bot that would do stuff like this:

He died at Eisenach on May 14th 1565
But see discussion with idiosyncratic editor: User_talk:Johndburger#What_about_the_dates.3F

A "descriptor" bot (terrible name).

  • Find bare mentions of people in lists like "Notable graduates" or "Notable residents"
  • Formulate short descriptions from the corresponding article, using WP:Persondata and other heuristics
  • Add these descriptions to the bare mentions in the list

This approach could also be used when adding entries to disambiguation pages.

To do list[edit]


Centralized discussion
Proposals: policy other Discussions Ideas

Note: inactive discussions, closed or not, should be archived.
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