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John Freeman is a British comics writer and magazine editor. He edits STRIP Magazine for Bosnian publishers PrintMedia, is a freelance editor for several British comics collections for Titan Books amd runs the British comics news site

His former job titles include Editor of Doctor Who Magazine, Group Editor at Marvel UK (editing a range of titles including Death's Head II, Overkill, Meltdown, Havoc and others); Lancaster Literature Festival Director; editor of Star Trek Magazine, Simpsons Comics UK, Babylon 5 Magazine and others; World Manager of VZScifi, a virtual 3d world that was run by; editors of RAF Magazine; Managing Editor of ROK Comics.

His comics credits include strips for STRIP Magazine; his Marvel UK credits include The Real Ghostbusters, Thundercats, Warheads, Motormouth & Killpower and more; Dick Turtle and Beyblade for Lucky Bag; Judge Karyn for Judge Dredd: The Megazine; the creator-owned strips The Science Service for Magic Strip and The Really Heavy Greatcoat (for web and print) and Ex Astris for Spaceship Away.