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My name is Jonathan Bishop, I first went to university in 1996 and since then have gained qualifications including s National Diploma in Design & Print, a HND in Multimedia, a BSc(Hons) in Multimedia Studies, an MSc in E-Learning and an LLM in European Union Law. On the Web I have been referred to as a 'skeptic', 'pioneer' and 'expert' in relation to the Internet, respectively Internet Addiction Disorder, E-Learning, and Online Communities. I have worked in a number of industries, including IT, Construction and E-Learning, and have served in local government as a politician. I have a number of publications applying different research methods to online communities and e-learning and in 2007 I became a Chartered IT Professional in recognition of my qualifications and experience. Also in 2007 I became a Research Associate at Kingston University, where I have gained further experience in using research methods to answer social and business issues relating to online communities, many of which will have been published.


I intend to continue to edit articles on Wikipedia in the areas I have qualifications giving my knowledge of from the perspective of an information scientist who specialises in online communities and e-learning and as an expert in European Union Law as it applies to these specialisms.


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