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Clock Shelves Entertainment
Type Film/television production company
Music production
Literary publication
Industry Television series, motion pictures
Genre Dramedy
Founded 2003-2004
Founder(s) J. Paul Casey
Headquarters Plymouth, Pennsylvania, USA
Key people J. Paul Casey

Clock Shelves Entertainment, often abbreviated as CSE or simply Clock Shelves, is an American company that specializes in film/television production, music production, and literary publishing founded by J. Paul Casey between the years of 2003-2004. Clock Shelves Entertainment also distributes or co-distributes its own productions.


JPC Inc.[edit]

J. Paul Casey founded the company as "Clock Shelves Films: A JPC Inc. Company" sometime between 2003-2004, after working on several short films with a friend, and writing for several years. Soon after he decided he wanted to not only focus on film production, but also on music production and literary publishing. He then proceeded to create "Home Toss Records" and "Random Love Publishing" (later renamed "Great Words Publishing"), as branches of "JPC Inc.".

The "Clock Shelves" name has its origins from asking his parents for suggestions with no results, then deciding to have them both randomly choose objects located in the room. "Clock" and "Shelves" were chosen and he liked the name and it has stuck.

Random Names Corporation[edit]

J. Paul then discovered that a construction used the name "JPC Inc.". He then decided to rename the "Clock Shelves" branch "Clock Shelves Films: A Random Names Corp. Company", and he would use "Home Toss" and "Random Love/Great Words" with the appropriate titles also.


He then came to the realization that the legality and copyright status of all the names and branches could prove too difficult. He decided, to keep the name simpler, he would choose "Clock Shelves Films: A CSEU Company". He had taken a cue from the friend of which of he made several short films earlier and use "UnLimited" as it meant "[the company] could do anything". (The friend also had been a fan of LucasFilm Ltd. and wanted to spoof the "Ltd".) J. Paul also created a production tag with this title; the first he had solely done.


J. Paul then wanted to have a much less complicated overall company name. He had narrowed his choice down to "Clock Shelves Enterprises" and "Clock shelves Entertainment". He chose "entertainment" because it covered all fields, such as film/television production, music production, and literary publishing, among others.

Motion pictures[edit]


  • Dolor- This film's writing has been completed for sometime and location scouting has been occurring since the completion of the writing process.
  • Five-Six-Oh- The writing process has been completed. The company is just in search of funds and possibly a studio.
  • Untitled Love Story Film- A film that has recently been announced as being in pre-production, the writing process is being completed.


  • Doppelganger- A short film, although the writing and most of the pre-production has been completed, the film has been put on a temporary hiatus due to technical difficulties.


  • What Really Happens at Church Part 2- The second part of a two-part documentary showcasing the true events of a small church in Kingston, Pennsylvania. The release date was originally planned as "Summer 2008", but due to technical difficulties it has been pushed back.



  • Home School Smarts (working title)- A television show that has been in pre-production for a number of years, they are working on perfecting the scripts before starting production.
  • Host Body (working title)- A television show recently announced as being in pre-production.
  • Untitled Teen Drama- Though another teen drama has started pre-production, CSE is focussing efforts on a newer teen-oriented drama written and executive produced by J. Paul Casey. The pilot script has been written and auditions are being held with production scheduled to begin after New Years 2009.


The following films have been placed on hold indefinitely.

  • Untitled Skateboarding Script- The film was in pre-production, but was recently announced as being placed on hold indefinitely.
  • Untitled Horror Film- A film announced as being in pre-production, with a script outline having been submitted to the company. The film was placed on indefinite hiatus with an option to pursue the script once other projects have been completed.
  • Untitled Musical Film- A film based on poems written by J. Paul Casey. The film was set to be musical. CSE then put the film on an indefinite hiatus due to script problems.

Frequent Casting[edit]

Although many of the films are only in the pre-production stage, CSE has cast many of the roles for future reference. The names of films on this list are only those which have titles, whether permanent or tentative. The years are also projected by the current CSE timeline. The cast members who are on this list are often referred to by CSE president J. Paul Casey as the "Chat Pack", as he "chats" with many of them online about the projects. The name is also in reference to other entertainment "packs" such as the Rat Pack, the Frat Pack, the Splat Pack, and the Brat Pack. (This list is incomplete.)

Actor What Really Happens at Church Part 2 (2008) Doppelganger (2008-2009) Dolor (2009) Five-Six-Oh (2010) Home Schools Smarts (2010)
Amanda Hinz NoN
Chris Kenny NoN NoN NoN
Amber Kneller NoN NoN
Brittany Patricio NoN NoN NoN NoN NoN
Dawn Shook NoN NoN
Josh Shook NoN NoN
Courtney Whited NoN NoN