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"Justin Herbert, the Beta Version of Badass" ~ Some badass
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Welcome to my user page. If you want to leave me a message, click here!

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What the infoboxes WON'T tell you...[edit]

I have a heavy interest in law enforcement, my grandfather is an author (John Miller), I have a fetish for police cars, and I am well versed when it comes to military technology. Nuclear chemistry and geography are key interests of mine.

Where I've been...not that you care[edit]


Arizona California District of Columbia New Mexico Nevada Texas Utah Virginia



What I'm working on[edit]

Currently, I'm working on some law enforcement stuff in Arizona, anything relevant to Graham County, Arizona, and some other Arizona stuff. I also patrol Arizona and Nevada-related pages for vandalism, and recategory pages as necessary.

I also belong to the National Register of Historic Places WikiProject, but am not heavily active. In addition to being part of the WP: NRHP project, I'm also part of the Law Enforcement Project.

How to get in contact with me[edit]








Yeah, no. Twitter is for retards. Get a life; and I don't mean one 140 characters long.

Feel free to hit me up on any one of the above methods of contact I have provided; just don't spam me. I've killed for so much less than that.

A short history of me, for those that pretend to care[edit]

I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1989. I lived there until I was 12, when I moved to Fort Thomas, Arizona. After a few months there, I moved to nearby Safford, Arizona.

I attended Safford High School for three years and Mount Graham High School for one year. I graduated in 2009. I was active in choir, culinary arts, computers, film club, and marketing. In culinary arts, I competed for my school in C-CAP or Careers Through Culinary Arts Program; as of 2008, I am the only Junior in Graham County, Arizona to have made it to finals.


Feel free to head on down to the Barack Obama article and it's talk page to witness WIKIPEDIA CENSORSHIP IN ACTION!!

Seriously. This chaps my ass. But they don't care. Liberals are always right. Just look at Jimmy Carter.

Things that might help[edit]

  • WP:NPOV - Neutral Point of View
  • WP:ASR - Avoid Self References
  • WP:CITE - Cite Sources
  • WP:WTA - Words you might want to avoid
  • WP:V - Verify your sources
  • WP:WIN - What Wikipedia is NOT
  • WP:WQT - Wikipedia Etiquette
  • WP:DR - How to resolve disputes; valuable information for when you're not able to make your point and people are resorting to personal attacks
  • WP:CON - Consensus
  • WP:SW - For any editor working on an article that involves a story that readers might not want ruined
  • WP:AGF - Assume Good faith
  • WP:NPA - NO personal attacks

Things that will help ME[edit]

Wikimedia Commons[edit]


Catch me on Wikimedia Commons: Justin Herbert!


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