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Hello fellow Wikipedian! I am k6ka, but many people simply refer to me as k6. I am a pending changes reviewer and rollbacker on the English Wikipedia, and I am also a rollbacker at the Simple English Wikipedia. Beyond user privileges and experience, though, I am otherwise equal to all other Wikipedians.

What is this page? This is not an encyclopedia article! Why is it on Wikipedia? What the heck...

This isn't an encyclopedia article, yes, you are right. This is, in fact, a userpage belonging to an editor. It is used by the editor it belongs to for their own purposes, largely to introduce themselves to the community, and hold other activities or projects that are beneficial to or related to Wikipedia in one way or another.

Why are you here? I'm sure you've heard about Wikipedia's notorious reputation amongst educational institutions! What makes you stay?

If you think Wikipedia is not a reliable source: Why continue to complain about it? Why not join the large community of editors and help build and improve this encyclopedia? You won't fix things by complaining, but here at Wikipedia, we'd much rather you fix things yourself if you can than to complain about it. We get work done faster if we actually work, not complain. This is something I feel that educational directors and institutions should learn to endorse. Knowledge is not set in stone, and the knowledge of one human's brain is never the full picture. You can only learn so much by yourself. When you sit down with a group of friends, family, or total strangers, maybe over dinner or coffee, and start talking, you will learn more things than if you sat at a table all by yourself, or even if you stayed at home and ate leftovers. We learn best together, and we can build a knowledge database together.

Okay, I get it... no wait, I don't. What do you do here on Wikipedia?

Well, to be honest, I don't actually do a lot of article-writing or fact-checking. My main hobby on Wikipedia is to revert vandalism. Vandalism is any action taken to try and harm or destroy Wikipedia. This happens thousands of times daily, and as you may have guessed, my job is extremely important. Vandalism-fighting on its own is hard enough, but it becomes more difficult when educators continue to vandalize and disrupt Wikipedia to prove a point. Please stop. To prove a city has a high crime rate, you do not commit a crime yourself. To prove that a pit of lava will kill you if you jump into it, you do not jump in yourself. To prove Wikipedia is freely editable (and thus it obviously has to be incorrect, right m8?), you do not vandalize it yourself.

Vandalism-fighting is my biggest hobby, but as my time here on Wikipedia increases, I slowly took up more jobs. I clerk the changing username pages, and fill in bare citations with the Reflinks tool. Occasionally I also like to copy-edit articles to improve their readability.

I'm afraid I do not do much actual article development, which is the highlight of working on Wikipedia.

I got a message on my talk page scolding me for something I did (or didn't do)! Are you harassing me?

No, we're not. Messages on your talk page are not meant to make you feel bad, but rather, we are trying to tell you something that we felt you did wrong. Remember, we felt you erred in your actions, not in being yourself. If you got a message on your talk page, read over it carefully, and do not hesitate to contact the editor who left you that message if you are unclear with the message. Always remember to assume good faith and never write in an angry or disgusted tone.

On Wikipedia, we operate by communication. You'd be surprised at how so many of human issues are caused by poor communication! By communicating our ideas, suggestions, and proposals with each other, we can resolve problems before they grow. So please keep that in mind before claiming that others are harassing you for trying to talk to you.

I felt that you have reverted (undone) one of my edits in error. What should I do?

If you think I reverted one of your edits by mistake, please tell me at my talk page. I don't like doing the wrong thing, and if I made a mistake, rest assured that it wasn't deliberate. If you simply tell me rather than declaring an edit war on me, then we'll all walk away learning something.

Useful stuff

If you're ever curious about the vandalism situation on Wikipedia, you can check out this meter below, which will tell you how much vandalism there is on Wikipedia.

Looking for other parts of Wikipedia to help out in? Well, these ads might be of interest to you...

You might also want to see my Dashboard (Warning: Page is huge, with tons of transclusions in it. May take a while to load).

Useless stuff

Who are you?

Nobody. Just an ordinary Canadian teenaged guy who has no life. Actually, maybe I do. Because if I had no life, I wouldn't be able to type this, would I?

What keeps you on Wikipedia? This is a freaking boring place - you just write stuff. And... stuff

Different people pursue different interests. Some find LoL or World of Tanks to be extremely boring. And besides, I don't actually write too much stuff on Wikipedia - I focus on reverting nonconstructive edits to help protect the encyclopedia.

Are you Canadian?


Do you pour maple syrup over everything?

No. :/

Do you live in an igloo?

No :/

Do you end every sentence with "Buddy!"?

No :/

Do you kiss beavers?

No, but I've eaten Beaver Tail before.

Do you like comedy?

I really do. I absolutely hate those ridiculous drama movies that my mom loves to watch. Those drama movies never seem to mean anything except crying, slapping, slapping your spouse, slapping your spouse in front of your kids, slapping your spouse on the street where everyone gasps at, running into the apartment crying, slamming the door loudly at your spouse, yelling at your spouse, arguing with your spouse, lying to your kids that you two are not arguing with or slapping each other, beating up your worst enemy on the street, shoving someone off the train platform into the path of an oncoming train, smashing lit lightbulbs and then playing with the shards of glass, touching live electrical wires, intercepting the car of your worst enemy on a busy road, driving a car at 88 MPH and then throwing a sharp curve, which sends your car on its side, gasoline leaks out, and instead of getting out you fumble for your wallet so you can look at the picture of your kids (Seriously, they would rather have you live than you dying with their picture in your hands. LAAAMEEE!!!), driving your car through a store window and blaming your annoying spouse, etc, etc, etc. Ugh....

Hopefully you found that funny.

I need to talk business with you. Specifically, regarding Wikipedia. How do I do that?

On my talk page, not here.

Do you like dogs?

Sort of. I like the idea of having a fun and loyal companion but not the pain in the ass of taking care of one.

Is this the end of the "Useless, Trashy, Pointless Information About Me That Nobody Cares About" section?

Yes. I will carry on below.

Cool WikiLove/Barnstars that I give to other users

I like handing out WikiLove and Barnstars to other editors. And I like receiving them equally. I feel that these two things are what all editors that try to improve the wiki deserve. And I get to have a little fun in the description, I guess..

Other Stuff

I've recently joined the Simple English Wikipedia.

On Newgrounds? Pay my rather under-visited userpage a visit - Link

I don't upload too much, but I do watch a strange assortment of videos - Link

You can ask me *almost* any question on! - Link

Below is a list of some of the other wikis that I've contributed to (excluding Wikipedia, because... duh!):

The Last Stand Wiki — wiki about a zombie-apocalypse based Flash game series. Currently a bureaucrat and sysop there.

The Sims Wiki — wiki about The Sims series. Currently a bureaucrat and sysop there.

How-To Wiki — Adopted the wiki via Wikia's adoption program. Currently a bureaucrat and sysop there.


--I am k6ka Talk to me! See what I have done 23:09, 15 October 2014 (UTC)

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