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This is awarded for your recent contributions to the Coronations in Oceania article. You have greatly enhanced the quality of this article with your recent edits, relating little-known info on coronations in Fiji and elsewhere. Well done, sir! Ecjmartin t | c 02:28, 25 June 2011

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KAVEBEAR, your commitment and dedication to creating and expanding Hawaiian articles on Wikipedia does not go unnoticed. This Aloha Plumeria Award is given to you in recognition of your efforts. Thank you for your hard work! Viriditas (talk) 06:08, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

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A little about myself[edit]

I'll choose to remain anonymous because I don't believe in the safety of the internet even on wikipedia. I've lived in Oregon for about eleven years. I was born in Shantou, China and lived there for seven years. I am a ga gi nang, although my Teochew is not perfect. My Mandarin is even more terrible. I can speak Cantonese pretty well. Can't write or read Chinese though. I would love to learn Hawaiian and French, but I'm taking Spanish at school right now since there is no French.

I'm started editing during my freshmen year of high school, really surprising huh! I've never been to Hawaii. So I don't know why Hawaiian history is so interesting to me; I think it began with watching Lilo and Stitch as a kid, LOL. I am currently attending Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. I think I like to be a biologist or historian when I grow up.

My name comes from my interest in extinct animals; I've watch all the Walking with... shows and love to watch Animal Planet. And if I had a 2 billion dollars I would donate 1 billion to fund cloning back extinct animals, LOL. But money isn't really that important to me, maybe it was because my family weren't really rich and my parents hardly gave me anything or bought me anything as a child. Sad, huh? But I don't really mind. I'm a "glass is halfway full" kind of guy, nothing can bring me down.

I supported the Hawaiian sovereignty movement for a few years, but presently I'm not really fond of it because most of these groups have no real agendas and as a genealogist I hate how all these people are claiming to be Kamehameha's descendants or Liliuokalani's descendants plus the Iolani Palace takeover is just plain wrong. Iolani Palace was NEVER the seat of government; it was the private residence of the King of Hawaii. Why don't they take it over to Aliiolani Hale? I support a nation with a nation status Idea with either the Kawananakoas or Laanuis on the throne or failing a monarchy just a republic; no other people can claim the throne in my opinion. I believe in the benefits of democracy but I understand that people have the right to choose their own form of government. I wish the pure Hawaiians of Hawaii would continue to exist.

I am mainly interested in Hawaiian royalties and other stuff about the Kingdom of Hawaii. I love the royal names of Hawaiian royalties especially the long ones, ie:Kualiʻilanipipililanioakaiakunuiakealuanuʻuokuiʻialiʻiʻikahalau. I also am interested in American history and the ruling families of Madagascar, Tahiti, and Tonga. The lesser known subjects are the ones that draw me in.

I'm really skilled in the geneaology of the Hawaiian royals. And love creating family trees.

I wish that everybody know that wikipedia is can be a very reliable source but it also can be really unreliabe. My motto is too always be skeptical and double check your facts before present them.

I'm really bad with references, though. :(

I just found out that my name is actually used by the KKK of poaching or the Klan Kavebear Klub. Haha. They started in 2010, so I think I was first. I can't believe it though.

Due to the stress and bother of my senior year of high school, I am going to tone down my contributions until later okay.


I love pictures of Hawaiian royalties especially one from the members of the House of Kamehameha which are much rarer. See pictures I've uploaded.

YOU can help ME if YOU want[edit]

READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Questions
    • Did Queen Kamamalu ever used the name Victoria????
    • Who is this Queen Kaonoe that Jacques Arago drew in 1817?
    • Can someone help me calculate the exact sizes of the Kingdom of Hawaii throughout it's history? It's not the same size as the State of Hawaii today since it included Palmrya Atolls and some other islands in the Pacific.

Artices I've Created[edit]

TODAY in Hawaiian history[edit]

I hate how some people in Hawaii forget about moments in Hawaiian history in the Kingdom of Hawaii period. They never have much celebrations for the moments in the Kingdom's history. So here a list of all those anniversaries of moments in Hawaiian history before Statehood. People can mourn or celebrate each of these days and remember the past. For we only exist. From Amisdad:

  • I will call into the past far back to the beginning of time and beg them to come. At the trial, At the judgment. I will reach back and draw them into me and they must come. For at this moment I am the whole reason they have existed at all.
  • But, we've come to understand, finally, that this is not so. We understand now, we've been made to understand, and to embrace the understanding... that who we are *is* who we were. We desperately need your strength and wisdom to triumph over our fears, our prejudices, ourselves. Give us the courage to do what is right.

My opinions on the monarchs of Hawaii[edit]

I always look on both sides of the coin when it comes to history. There is no such thing as a perfect historical figure for me other than religous holy individuals like Buddha, Jesus, Joan of Arc, and etc. I see many good attributes and faults in the eight monarchs of Hawaii. I dislike many historians today that portray the image of the self-sacrificing monarch with no flaw and does everything for the good of the people.

  • Kamehameha I
    • Unified Hawaii, befriended foreigners, and created the Kānāwai Māmalahoe "Law of the Splintered Paddle" to protect women and children in time of war.
    • Absolute and autocratic monarch, a horder who would rather have supplies rot than share it with others, ruthless and bloody warrior who killed thousands even his cousin, whom he had sworn to his uncle he would serve, just to get his way.
  • Kamehameha II
    • Abolished kapu system, brought Kauai permanently into his hand, started Hawaii's road to modernization, journey to Britain to gain Hawaii a spot on the world stage.
    • Weak and incompetent, most contributions really were a result of Queen Kaahumanu not him,
  • Kamehameha III
    • Brought Hawaii onto the world stage and recognization by Europe as sovereign nation, 1st written constitution of Hawaii, modernization: Christianity, writing, education, and technology. Edict of Toleration granting freedom of religion. Made Hawaii a neutral nation in the Crimean War and for the rest of it's history, Great mahele giving lands to the people and chiefs.
    • Wanted to sell Hawaii to the US for a large pension for his family. A drunkard and an unfaithful husband (not saying Kalama was any better) who jeopardize the Kamehameha family line to come. Messed with the French and thought it wise to expell the Catholics. Kept ninety percent of the land for himself and the chiefs and allowed foreigners to buy land (unlike Tonga).
  • Kamehameha IV
    • Ruled during the Golden Age of the Kingdom of Hawaii (say some including me), halted annexation proposal, hinder American dominance by seeking closer ties with England, expanded Hawaii's presence in the Pacific and the world, taking over islands without fear of American interests in those islands, started Anglican Church of Hawaii, build St. Andrew's, Queen's Hospital, and Mauna Ala,
    • Brash and hotheaded to say the least, shot Henry A. Neilson for his alleged affair with Emma and ran Prince Albert's head over cold water (even if it wasn't the cause of his death, you don't do that to a four year old), ran up a great amount of debt that his brother almost had to sell the entire family lands to pay off (Lot didn't though, he made them inalienable as part of the Crown lands)
  • Kamehameha V
    • Limited the power of the haoles in the legislature and the government, stood firm against alcoholism in country, build Aliiolani Hale and Royal Hawaiian Hotel, reign during the first era of Hawaiian tourism,
    • Absolute monarch with none of the flare of Hawaii's ancient kings, denied landless and illiterate Hawaiians the right to vote, outlawed the hula even though keeping a personal group for his own entertainment, jeopardize the dynasty by choosing not to marry at all, letting himself go to the point that he couldn't ride a horse or go through a door, died without naming an heir only managing to do so at the last moment
  • Lunalilo
    • Democractic to the bone, restored Hawaiian voting right with amendment to the 1864 constitution removing the property ownership requirement
    • he would have been better off as a politicians, had he not been a chronic alcoholic, he had to have guardians assigned to him by Kamehameha IV and V due to his behaviors, he was too Pro-American not a single one of his Privy Councilors were Hawaiian, he nearly handed over Pearl Harbor had he not died a untimely death as a result of his alcoholism
  • Kalakaua
    • Merry Monarch, built Iolani Palace, first monarch to circumnavigate the globe, first and only royal coronation in Hawaii, Reciprocity Treaty of 1875, restored hula and other aspects of Hawaiian culture.
    • (I'm most critical of him) overly extravagant, bankrupted the kingdom with his expenses, unable to stop the foreign population from instigating the Bayonet Constitution and left it all to his sister to reinstate another constituion.
  • Liliuokalani
    • Musical genius, composed Aloha Oe and many other songs, truly cared for the well being of her people, tried her best for her people and to preserve the monarchy and Hawaiian independence, a courageous lady who stood up against one of the largest superpowers of her time, a women of peace who takes pride that not a single drop of blood was shed in her cause
    • A disaster politically, had no skills in government, her cabinet ministers, she chose, betrayed her, really bad timing, alienated instead of manipulating those who opposed her, mistrused America instead of appealing other foreign powers such as Britain and Japan the last nations to recognize her overthrown

Interesting bits about Hawaiian history[edit]

  • Did you know that the present residents of Kaua'i and and Niihau are very proud to point out that their islands were never conquered by Kamehameha I. There were two independent Kingdoms in Hawai'i until after Kamehameha I death in 1819. Two separate invasion attempts by Kamehameha I were thwarted by bad weather and military logistical systemic problems.
  • Did you know the High Chiefess Kalanikauikikilolakalaniakau, daughter of Princess Kalola of Maui, was the most sacred chiefess in her day and that she was so kapu that the sun could not shine on her head and she could only travel when the sun was low so it didn't shine up her head? Talk about the hazzle it would be for her to get around!
  • Did you know High Chiefess Kuaenaokalani of Maui who held the exalted kapu rank of Kekapupoʻohoʻolewaikalā (a head so sacred that it could not be exposed to the sun except at dawn) which sounds exactly like the one above.
  • Did you know Queen Emma was born 16 day after her grandfather John Young (Hawaii)? Reincarnation! Talk about spooky.
  • Did you know in 1858, the official list of court ladies included: Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal Victoria Kamamalu Kaʻahumanu IV, Princess Bernice Pauahi Pākī Bishop, High Chiefess Lydia Kamakaʻeha Liliʻuokalani Pākī Dominis, High Chiefess Marie Kahaʻawelani Beckley, High Chiefess Elizabeth Kekaʻaniau Laʻanui, High Chiefess Mary Ann Kinoʻole Pitman, High Chiefess Kiliwehi, High Chiefess Mary Ann Kameʻehiwa Tressilyn, High Chiefess Martha Swinton, and High Chiefess Nancy Wahinekapu Sumner. By virtue of being the great-granddaughter of King Pomare I of Tahiti, through her mother, Nancy Sumner was also accorded the title of Princess befitting the Tahitian Royal court of the Pomares?
  • Did you know the High Chiefess Mary Ann Kameʻehiwa Tressilyan Beckley was dubbed the Rose of the Pacific by King Kamehameha III as the most beautiful women in his reign? No offense to her highness, I don't believe she was that hot looking at least not compare to other chiefesses of her time like Elizabeth Kekaʻaniau Pratt, Bernice Pauahi Bishop, Lydia Kamakaeha Dominis, Nancy Sumnter Ellis and Queen Emma.
  • Did you know Queen Emma and Queen Victoria were lifelong friends and wrote to each other? You can see some here. I think Queen Liliuokalani may have been jealous of Emma for this since she admired Queen Victoria herself and when she and Kapiolani went to London, Queen Victoria were not too interested in them.
  • Did you know Liliuokalani faced major racism at the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria? The King of the Belgians (the guy behind the Belgium Congo thing) and the King of Saxony refused to accompany Princess Liliuokalani to the Jubilee Supper because she was "colored". This created a behind-the-scenes furor until Queen Victoria herself commanded her son Albert to accompany the Hawaiian princess. What do you expect from a haole?
  • Did you know Queen Emma and her cousin Peter Kaeo called Kalakaua by the nickname of Taffy?
  • Did you know besides the Young and Davis family other hapa-haole nobility of the island? The Beckleys and the Pitmans, who married daughters of Hoolulu; the Parkers, who founded the Parker Ranch; and the Sumners and the Bakers, who were of Tahitian descent, just to name some; plus there were the Chinese Afong family.
  • Did you know many Hawaiians in the 1800s would've rather see their kingdom become a British protectorate/colony rather than a part of the US because they knew too well how Americans treated people of color?
  • Did you know Chiefess Kapiolani ate a banana, a sacrilegious act for any Hawaiian women before the ʻAi Noa, and because of her high rank and the plead of Naihe for the King and the priest Hewahewa to spare her life, her favorite servant who brought her the fruit was executed instead? Kapiolani pleaded for her servant's life but the boy was brought to Honaunau Heiau where he was strangled and sacrificed to the gods. This was the last banana Kapiolani ever dare to eat.
  • Did you know Hewahewa, the Kahuna Nui of Kamehameha the Great and direct descendant of Paao, was instrumental in the introduction of Christianity to Hawaii and he was the first to set fire to a heiau?
  • Did you know John Owen Dominis served as "Inspector of Stallion, Oahu"? What did he do look at horses?
  • Did you know Hawaiians trace their lineage through their mother? In Mark Twain's own humorous words: "Under other monarchies the male line takes precedence of the female in tracing genealogies, but here the opposite is the case-the female line takes precedence. Their reason for this is exceedingly sensible, and I recommend it to the aristocracy of Europe: They say it is easy to know who a man's mother was, but, etc., etc.]"
  • Did you know Kaikioʻewa and other chiefs are according to Hawaiian traditions descendants of 16th century ship-wrecked Spaniards?
  • Did you know I think some Hawaiian look like Chinese people? I am serious, look at some photos of Kamehameha V and the photo of Reverend William Hoapili Kaauwai when he is in France.
  • Did you know Elizabeth Keawepoʻoʻole Sumner married Chinese businessman Achuck? Something unheard of at the time. Queen Emma, a closed friend, gossiped on her opinion of the marriage, calling Achuck her "pigtail suitor" Queen Emma goes on to say, "Fancy spending a lifetime with a heathen Chinese who has the diversion of two wives at home to whom he must now and again go to spend a time with." I'm not trying to make Queen Emma out as racist but no one is perfect.
  • Did you know Bernice Pauahi Bishop called the Irish "a pitiable class" and was disgusted at the beggars who ran after her for money, calling them a "disgrace to the nation"? Not just Emma, I mean these were their most inner opinions and thought and they had no idea that one hundred year after their time people like us would be reading their private letters and diaries.
  • Did you know Queen Liliuokalani was 5'5 tall and weighed 160 pounds in 1901 according to her own measurements? She was no Kamehameha I. But it make her no less remarkable and courageous, standing up against those people against her.
  • Did you know Abram S. Humphreys, one of Chun Afong's son-in-laws and Hawaii's first federal judge. promoted the idea of annexing Hawaii to California, suggesting the Islands be called Pacific County or Western County?
  • Did you know "Alexander Stewart", one of Kamehameha sons, his favorite by some accounts, left Hawaii on a British (some say American) ship in 1801 for Canton to vaccinate for smallpox and later taken to England in 1802. He was lost at sea much to the anger of his father.
  • Did you know Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote "If you want to cease to be a republican, see my little Kaiulani as she passes through. I wear the colours of the little royal maid. Oh, Low, how I love the Polynesians!" when she was leaving to go to school in England?
  • Did you know the original Flag of Hawaii had nine or seven stripes instead of the eight stripes on the current state flag?
  • Did you know Mark Twain said that Prince Lunalilo had the best nose in the Hawaiian kingdom, white or other wise; a splendid beak, and worth being proud of.
  • Did you know Prince Alexander Liholiho wasn't officially declared heir to throne until April 1853?
  • Did you know Henry Adams once said "Apparently I am fatal to Kings. Kalakaua and Pomare march to the grave as I pass. I should be employed by the anarchists."
  • Did you knowz

Genealogy mysteries[edit]

Some contested genealogy that nobody truly knows for sure.

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