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Below is a gallery of images I created and uploaded through Wikimedia Commons using this login or my Commons login (KDS444), in no particular order. Some have been considered good enough to become featured pictures and a few of those have been Picture of the Day for all of the English Wikipedia. I have only modest formal training as a graphic artist, but I enjoy the creative process immensely. About a year ago I began creating vector-based images using Illustrator instead of my usual Photoshop JPGs, and have never looked back (the gif images, though, those are all still photoshop creations until Commons can accept animated SVG files, and I am sure it's just a matter of time). Want to use one?? See my "Illustrations notice" at the bottom of this page— thanks!

Oh, and I like writing articles, too! So many dimensions, so little time... A list of those I have at least started (if not necessarily finished) appears under the gallery in my article nursery, in their raw pre-article status (mostly for my own reference— if you want to see the actual current article, don't look here). Below that are some handy reminders for me and some tools I like to use (the Google Books citation creator app, for example, is a godsend, and now no one has any excuse for creating another unreferenced article on the English Wikipedia, ever).

I like seeing citations. They make me happy. That and, well, apparently the inner parts of worms and molluscs. They make me happy too (ew!), though I also draw radiation capsules and sintering kilns and theater curtains and dinosaurs and bathymetric maps of the ocean floor. And dormer windows and tall ships and medical illustrations of reproductive organs and fingernails and the human brain. And spiders. It's a lot of non-sequitors, really. Anyhow, here's the gallery:

Article nursery[edit]

/Sebastian Cole
/Samsung SCH-u410
/Brillouin's theorem
/Queen Elizabeth II Quay
/White chestnut
/Mystery meat navigation
/Hydraulic brakes (redone)
/Vita company
/Ultra-pure water
/Water Polishing
/peacock fern (two diff. families) /Diplazium (incl peacock ferns...? Dryopteridaceae is the family) /HS1 bulb
/World Bank Port Reform Toolkit
/Blue pearl shrimp
/Carl Adolph Cornelius
/Regency Plaza Suites
/Confessional art
/Cleveland open cup method
/Flying sail
/Thread size
/Fife rail
/Read Mental Health Institute
/Cecil Kelley criticality accident
/Haymarket Center (also to include redirects from Haymarket detoxification center and McDermott Center)
/SS Silesia
/My revision of Stern
/Channel Islands Harbor
/M. luxaeterna
/tall ship
/Moretti glass
/Devardi glass
/revision of Stagmomantis californica
/Superior Shoal
/SS Bannockburn
/French grey
/Le Brilliant (ship)
/Reef points
/types of chain
/febantel--FYI, article mixes info on febantel and Praziquantel
/Cliff Parker disambig
/Paver base
/Oleo drop
/Expansion of article on cannon
/Time for a new article on the word "Breech"
/Petersham ribbon
/San Felipe (ship)
/Narrow pennant
/Battle Island Light
/Sodium polysulfide
/Sodium sulfane
/Rake (architecture)
/Conn (sailing)
/Conn (nautical)
/Cornice return
/Barak (name)
/Knockdown resistance
/Insult (medical)
/NWS Abbreviations /Lamina
/List of parasites (feline)
/Feline tapeworms (disambiguation)
/Cat tapeworms (disambiguation)
/Peter J. Pitchess Detention Center
/Jabot (window)
/Silk machine twist
/Lely method
/Sizing (gilding)
/Medico della peste
/Creating SVG files using Adobe Illustrator CS6 (and Inkscape 0.48)
/Bathyacmaea secunda
/Sprit topmast
/Notes on Older
/Tritech Research
/Sublimation sandwich method
/Physical vapor transport
/Media dispenser
/Leonard Neff
/PTSD - Early history
/Spotting (filmography)
/Ugly Animal Preservation Society
/Daer Water
/GDC for Rachel
/Phoenix Mountain
/revision of shock absorber
/List of shore durometers
/Crypton (fabric)
/Maratus speciosus
/James Walker Tufts
/Indentation force-deflection
My revision of /Latrodectus
/Channel Islands Tall Ships Festival
/Graystone ballroom
/Sewing needles revision
/18650 battery
/Pecten excavatus
/Hollywood fault
/Holly Manufacturing Company

Useful Links that I Sometimes Like to Refer To:[edit]

Useful link: Wikipedia cite book, cite newspaper, etc. -style citations:
For broader citation-based formats:

Handy stuff

How to format a second reference to the same source in an inline citation: /Second Ref

To add a footnote rather than a citation— /Footnote

Useful link for uploading images: Wikipedia:Upload
Useful link for requesting reference materials: Wikipedia:WikiProject Resource Exchange/Resource Request

Wikipedia:Manual of Style (pronunciation)

Citing a map: Template:Cite_map
Link for speedy deletion criteria codes: Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion
Regular deletion requests: [[1]] Deletion debate policies: to reference in a discussion: WP:PGL. And then, steps: WP:AFDHOWTO.

  • A nice quote box:

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Illustrations notice[edit]

CC some rights reserved.svg

Anyone wishing to use one of my images on a different web site or in a publication is obliged to provide following details along with the image:

- Author: K.D. Schroeder
- graphic name.svg from Wikimedia Commons
- License: CC-BY-SA 3.0