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Karcih is a user name I took during the first years of my university studies, where my name was acronym-ed that way in the e-mail address. Before that I used Carch, when I found out it was an American surname I immediately switched .

I was raised in Karlstad in Varmland county and the last seven years I have lived in Norrland, both in Luleå and Kiruna. In principle I´m interested in everything, which easily complicate things. My wish to spread information and knowledge has brought Wikipedia to my heart.

Studies Three years of technology with an electronics profile. Studied space engineering on university level, now acquired the grade MSc in Space Engineering with Specialization in Space Vehicles and Electronics.

Life pathfinder (To fight for human evolution towards more intelligent and having a closer relation to nature, as well as a greater interest for natural knowledge in general)

  • History
  • Environment
  • Science
  • Knowledge distribution

Articles where i thrive (swedish ones): (lite sporadiskt)

(Also here I´m quite broad in interest, and mainly lurk in Swedish articles)


Userbox maker


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