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I know a place in Africa (ex)

My heart is at home in Africa
Where the sound of drums beat in my chest
And the songs of time ring in my ears
Where the rainbow mist glows in my eyes
And the smiles of friends make me welcome.

My mind is at ease in Africa

Where the people still live close to the soil
And the seasons mark my changing moods
Where the markets hustle with trading
And Creation keeps its own slow time.

My soul is at peace in Africa

For her streams bring lifeblood to my veins
And her winds bring healing to my dreams
For when the tale of this land is told
Her destiny and mine are as one!

~ Wayne Visser

Welcome to my userspace. I'm Katangais, something of a hobby traveler and Southern Africa enthusiast.

Frequent traveler, born expatriate. Late of Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Republic of South Africa. Seen five continents. Identifies as Eurasian, professes English as his mother tongue, may also contribute with a subliterate level of Singlish, Bahasa, or Hokkien whenever the fancy (or inebriation thereof) takes him. Considers Afrikaans a personal love language.

I am a member of WikiProject Namibia but have a passion for just about anything geopolitical south of the Sahel, so these days you'll probably find me on articles concerning that region. Occasionally I have worked with other topics concerning WikiProject Former countries or WikiProject Military History.

The African section of Wikipedia is comparatively small, undeveloped, and doesn't receive nearly as much editor attention or traffic as say, Western Europe or North America. I feel this will be to the site's detriment as our audience in Africa continues to grow. Wiki and the world wide web at large are already crammed with misinformation, baseless propaganda, tired old cliches, and prejudicial stereotypes about this beautiful continent. Don't let Africa get damaged by the Information Age. All it takes is one edit - help me change this. Join an African WikiProject today!

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Eland Mk7 armoured car somewhere on Tempe Base, Bloemfontein.
Derelict park in Johannesburg
On the N1 between Kroonstad and Odendaalsrus.

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