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Technophile Opinions[edit]

Text editor (e.g. Vim (text editor)) + word processor (e.g. the many good & bad ideas in Microsoft Word) + LaTeX (TeX) + internet browser (XML/HTML + Wiki) = a very good publication program (it's more-or-less possible to convert between MS Word, PDF, Wiki, XML/HTML, TeX/LaTeX document (markup) formats); if Photoshop & Indesign (GIMP strives for these, in a sense; of course, vector (2D & 3D) graphics would do even better, but .svg is still lagging behind (only 2D)) would be added to this mixture, then an almost perfect publication software is made. Regrettably, in reality there are these different programs & one must struggle to combine them in the most efficient way (esp. for the huge projects, like books).

  • Word 2007 is already containing \alpha & \beta (!!! LaTeX / TeX)

Old software evolution[edit]

Tex (1978) -> LaTeX -> XeTeX
Netscape -> Firefox

Main document format (markup language) evolution[edit]

TeX family (~1978) ->:

-> HTML (1991) -> XML (~1996) family ->:

  • Wiki (markup: wikitext) family (1994-1995): as a simplified syntax approach to HTML/XML (compare the TeX <-> LaTeX relationship)

Main difference between XHTML and HTML is that XHTML must be well-formed XML, while HTML must not [1].

There is a lot of correspondence between LaTeX and HTML/XHMTL, but LaTeX is for printing on paper, whereas HTML family is for markup and not for the strict formating and how to print on a paper. But there could be a conversion made between LaTeX and HTML and Wiki(text), and even .DOC or .PDF or OOXML or OpenDocument Format.

Hardware vs Software; OS vs Browser (Internet); entertainment vs work[edit]

Never to happen future: (internet & file & everything else) browser is OSless, i.e. browser runs on hardware directly. Google has made a step with very thin OS and impressive browser. Next step: HTML5canvasWebGL, then all games will run on such OSless browser (browser will talk to GPU directly, rather than OS intermediary).

Current [2013]: mobile pocket computers: smartphones, tablets. Many new OSs just for these: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile... Each program is an app on top of this pocket OS, but this OS also has a rudimentary Internet Browser. Alternative present: VOD (YouTube,, NetFlix...) and games always online (, Steam...). What's coming next? Desktop PC and laptop dead? Matrix-like interface instead of mouse, keyboard, LCD?

World perspectives[edit]

"Borders? I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people." Thor Heyerdahl

I would interpret this for the physical borders between "nations" or narrow-mindedness (which applies to me as to any other person). There is one (OK, except ISS) world we inhabit, Earth. And it's capitalized ('Earth' not 'earth') for many reasons, including the possibility to spoil it so that we would not recover it anytime soon. E.g.: Love Canal.

"The United States' systematic program of voluntary, incentive-based stupidification was far more successful than the Soviet Union's program of forced, involuntary stupidification." A short <"biased"> perspective on the latest history (from Wikipedia:Best_of_BJAODN#Political Philosophy (from Bexley Hall (MIT)); italics/bolds added by me)

User:NerwenGreen#Thought of the Month: fish & ponds! Science is amoral, non-ethical, non-religious, theories are to be discussed and disproved by new experimental data but not politics, religion, etc.

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