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This account is for bot activity by User:Kevinalewis.

I will be using this account for some semi-automated talk page tagging, to assist with Wikipedia 1.0. & Novels WikiProject. Please message my owner if there is a problem, or block the account if anything is seriously amiss. KevinalewisBot 12:58, 13 March 2007 (UTC)

Bot permissions[edit]

This user is using AWB and Plugins to tag talk pages with WikiProject/Wikipedia WP 1.0 assessment banners and {{NovelsWikiProject}}.

Also used for delivery of Novel WikiProject Newsletters and any major project announcements.

Program to use[edit]

  • AWB with the User:Kingbotk/Plugin with generic and Novels plugins.
  • Set with 10 sec pause between updates.

Bot logs[edit]