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Hello. I am a lawyer in New York City. I am originally from Manhattan, Kansas and most of my contributions are related in some way to Kansas.

Some pages I created or significantly edited[edit]

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I award you a Running Man Barnstar for all the contributions related to college football--CJC47 11:21, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

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The New York Times generally described the books of the "Romance" series as not a "very serious study" of history, but always a "picturesque treatment of an epoch." For example, the Times wrote of Champney's tales in Romance of the French Abbeys (1905), "some are tragic, some are humorous, but all are picturesque and are told with ingenuity and with a certain fidelity to the atmosphere and spirit to which they relate." The newspaper also praised the "great abundance of the excellent illustrations" in the books.