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Noi Morei is a Hungarian urban artist. He grew up in Budapest but lives in Strasbourg today.

Root idea[edit]

With the application of new materials in the traditional artwork Noi Morei tries to create a kind of modern folk art.

Noi Morei perceives four similarities between folk art and today’s urban art:

  • The artist stays unknown in the folk art, as well as in the urban art.
  • The motivation of the artist – the makeover of his surrounding area – is similar in both art forms.
  • Both art forms are part of the same social phenomenon.
  • Both art forms have never been part of the art establishment.


Traditional folk art is widely spread in Hungary’s cultural life and also everyday life. Most of the schools have lessons in traditional applied arts and folk dance. The impressive buildings of Ödön Lechner, the Hungarian art nouveau dominates the view of the Hungarian cities. In this way Noi Morei was early faced with traditional motifs.

In the late 1990s Noi Morei started doing graffiti. The colouring and the social component of graffiti art are still important to him.

In 2002 he starts doing stencil graffiti. He begins to draft floral ornaments.

In 2004 he turned away from American graffiti.

In 2005 he moves into his new studio in the cultural centre Tuzraktar. As the artistic advisor of the Youth for Europe Association (PTPI Chapter Budapest) he prepares Hungary’s first exhibition on Urban Art with international guests, Zaï d’Urban. During the year he has six more exhibitions. He organizes a workshop on the Civil Liget, a festival on the occasion of the conference of the European youth ministers in Budapest.

He leaves Hungary in 2006 and moves to Strasbourg for private reasons.

For his newer calligraphic works Noi Morei uses the Rovásírás. He also writes graffiti in this old Hungarian script.

Motifs and materials[edit]

His motifs are taken from Hungarian floral ornaments. The most popular motif is the tulip, which is an Asiatic heritage in Hungarian arts and crafts.

Noi Morei works with ceramic, gold leaf, acrylic paint, lacquer, spray paint, canvas and wood. For some public installations he uses Styrofoam.


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