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About me[edit]

I'm a male who lives in the south of England. I registered as a Wikipedia user in July 2013, as I have many interests and subjects that I like to read about.




Association football

Rock music (In particular: melodic Alternative rock, Soft rock, Art rock and New wave music)

Other interests[edit]


Contemporary history (Particularly the tragic conflict known as The Troubles where more than 3,500 people have been killed and over 50,000 people wounded. Like the vast majority of people, I would like to see the two main communities continue to work towards peace and reconciliation.)

Restaurants and Cuisine

British New Wave films with an element of social realism. (Such as Room at the Top and Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.)



Rail transport in Great Britain

Architecture (Particularly Neoclassical architecture)

Sociology and Social issues

Economics and Financial markets

Pugs (Highly recommended as nice gentle pets. They have a unique character and are one of the least aggressive breeds in the world.)