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Hello, and welcome to the Wonderful World of Wikipedia! I'm Shadeed A. Kelly.

How to pronounce my name and what does it mean?[edit]

Well that's easy, you should know the word deed like to own a house and you add Sha (Say Ha and add an S at the beginning) to it to hence it "Shadeed". It's a muslem name meaning Strong. My middle name Aquil is another muslem name meaning Wisely Intelligent. You know the word "quilt"? Delete the "t" at the end and add the letter "A" at the beginning and you have Aquil. Now Kelly is a greenish color and a girl's name (sometimes a guy's name), you should know that! And hey, I'm not muslem! the word "muslem", means (to be a servant of the one and true god. first)water is still water even if you call it H2o or aqua.


  • Headstart Acacemy (Jersey City, NJ) 1988
  • Hopkins Elementary School: 1989-1996 (4 year-old program "Child Development" to 5th grade)
  • Hopkins Middle School: 1996-1999
  • Lower Richland High School: 1999-2003
  • Midlands Technical College: 2003-2004, 2006
  • Adult & Community Education: June-July 2004 (Finally got my high school diploma after scoring a 725 on the Reading Exit Examination!)
  • Vocational Rehabliltation Computer School: February-March 2005

Began editing for Wikipedia on May 31, 2005.

Articles I've launched[edit]

20th Television | Avco Embassy Television | Barris Industries | Barry & Enright Productions | CBS Paramount Domestic Television | CBS Studios International | CBS Television Distribution | Embassy Row | ELP Communications | Heatter-Quigley Productions | Lionsgate Films (re-launch) | Merv Griffin Entertainment | MGM Home Entertainment | MGM Television | List of MGM Television shows | Multimedia Entertainment (re-launch) | NBCUniversal Television Group | New Line Television | Paramount Television | Paramount/Viacom | Samuel Goldwyn Television | Screen Gems Network (1st article) | Sony Pictures Digital | Sony Pictures Family Entertainment Group | Soul Cinema | Stage 6 Films | Stewart Tele Enterprises | Tandem Productions | TriStar Television | United Artists Television | Universal Television | Warner Bros. International Television | Warner Bros. Television Distribution

More coming soon!

Need some help?[edit]

  • Do you need some help with an article that needs to be corrected? Let me know and I'll do my best to see what can I do. I can also ask others to help me out.

Columbia's Networks[edit]

These are the networks I have here in Columbia, South Carolina

My future companies and current trademarks[edit]

Kelly Enterprises, Inc. A future family entertainment company I've established in 2002, but will focus on real establishment for the company and building in the future.


Kelly Entertainment Group

Kelly Entertainment: (2002-)

Griffin Bros. Entertainment Productions: (2002-)

Sha-Star Communications: (2005-)

Destiny Features: (2005-) (Family movies based on genres of Adventure, Romance, and Fantasy. G and PG ratings only) No offensive language!

KOJ Productions (1998-) (Stands for Kings of Justice): (Creator of characters Super Griffin, Dark Griffin, Super Pegasus, White-Knight Pegasus, Super Unicorn, Thunder Unicorn, Fire Dragon, Dark Dragon, Lightning Sphinx, Phoenix Woman, Marina, Silver Bullet, Thunderbolt, Ninja Twins,and Speed Blaze. All are trademarks owned and copyrighted by KOJ Productions, Inc. and Kelly Entertainment, Inc.). I want KOJ Productions will be a joint venture between Kelly Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Entertainment. Kelly Entertainment will focus on production and television distribution of some of the series. I want Sony Pictures to have the rights of the movies, television produciton (in association with) and television distribution, and home entertainment. And I want WBE to have the co-production rights of the KOJ television series as well as co-distribution with SPE in movies. Also have my KOJ Characters to appear on DC Comics and the series to appear on Kids WB!

TV Names[edit]

Future names

  • Kelly Entertainment (Later Shadeed Aquil Kelly Television (SAK TV), SAK Griffin Bros. Television, and SAK Communications Television/SAK Studios Television)
    • (Note: SAK TV will also be a television production/distribution banner producing and distributing family series)
  • Griffin Bros. Entertainment Productions (Later Griffin Bros. Television (Productions/Association), and SAK Griffin Bros. Television)
  • Sha-Star Communications (Later Sha-Star Kids Television)

Kelly Entertainment Networks

Toon Classics: Will be a 24-hour network airing classic cartoons from the 1920s to the 2001. A network like Boomerang and Toon Disney. Cartoons such as Beetlejuice, Taz Mania, The New Three Stooges, The Flintstones, among others. Programs for families like:

Jr. Toon Classics: Bobby's World, Muppet Babies, A Pup Named Scooby Doo

Action Toon Classics: Sonic the Hedgehog, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Real Ghostbusters, Sailor Moon, Reboot, Transformers, Super Friends. A 24-hour action network airing action cartoons from the 1940s to 2001.

Toon Classics Mysteries: Scooby Doo, Inspector Gadget, Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, The Adventures of Tintin, much more.

Toon Classics Toon Cinema: Classic family films from Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures (MGM, Columbia Pictures, and Samuel Goldwyn), DiC Entertainment, Warner Bros., and Walt Disney.

The Real (Reel) Toon Classics: Popeye, Looney Tunes, Felix the Cat

All cartoons will have the following television ratings from Y, Y7, Y7-FV, and G. No cartoons from PG, 14, or MA allowed on the network!

All cartoons will be famous from distributors like: 20th Television, Buena Vista Television, CBS Eyemark Entertainment/King World, DiC Entertainment, Mainframe Entertainment, NBC Universal Television Distribution, Nelvana Entertainment, CBS Paramount Domestic Television, Sony Pictures Television, Sunbow Entertainment, Tribune Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television. (And if possible, Kelly Entertainment)

  • Toon Classics and other related names are trademarks and properties of Shadeed Aquil Kelly and Kelly Entertainment, Inc.

SAK Telecommunications/Kelly WebPage Industries Kelly WebPage Industries is and will be a web designing company designing web sites for Kelly Enterprises, Inc. as well as future companies of SAK Communications and SAK Griffin Bros. Entertainment. It is a division of SAK Telecommunications since 2002.

Special Thanks[edit]

Special thanks to you guys! Anytime I need help with anything, I'll let you know! I'm still learning to do this and that here! Any article I make, of course, back me up! You guys keep up the good work!

More to come about me soon! Got any questions? Buzz me on my discussion page.