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I strongly oppose the Foundation's actions with regards to MediaViewer and superprotect. If you do too, please sign the petition at m:Letter to Wikimedia Foundation: Superprotect and Media Viewer

Hello, I'm Jakob. I've edited Wikipedia from an account over two years now (I spent my first months with the account King jakob c), but before that I made a few IP edits. I've made around 13,200 edits here and more than 30,000 to Wikimedia projects.

I'm an admin on Wikidata and have made over 1500 edits to Wikimedia Commons.

I reviewed the nomination for the most-viewed DYK ever. My own most-viewed DYK is Laurel Run mine fire (10,426+ views). The runner-up is Fishing Creek Confederacy, which got 9215 views. Curiously, it was a non-bolded link on the hook for West Branch Fishing Creek, which only got about 4500-5000 views. Kase Run (a bolded link) also attracted about 6800 views.

If you want to talk to me, use my talk page (not this page). I also have e-mail enabled, but I'd rather not use that unless it's very important to keep the discussion private. If you do leave me an e-mail, please leave a {{YGM}} template on my talk page, since I probably won't respond in a timely manner otherwise. Thanks.