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My Farewell Letter: I have decided that I am going to try and stop editing Wikipedia. It's way too complicated, and what should've been a simple community effort to create a free source of knowledge became a bureaucracy and, as I have stated before, a breeding ground for controversy. The website's redeeming values are overshadowed by disgusting, foul, filthy elements, and too many weirdos are at work behind the scenes. I don't know what about Wikipedia attracts them, but it seems like there are many, many creeps that edit this site and feel they have every right to orchestrate its every move.

Encyclopedia Dramatica has served as a source of much of my discontent, including other more intelligent editors than myself who have showed me some truth. I went to Wikipedia's Encyclopedia Dramatica article for some information. Needless to say, I found the article had been deleted, ostensibly because there weren't enough "reliable independent sources." I am not stupid and I don't like it when people take me for an imbecile. My worst nightmares were confirmed.

Most good things as they progress become corrupted, even the most incorruptible. I can see, feel, and sense the demons foiling this good thing, and it makes me very uneasy. I am certain this venture will end in disaster, as the bad drives out the good. Farewell my good colleagues who mean well, and shame on the others who think they can fool me and many others in this forum. For they have too long already, and will no longer. Aaрон Кинни (t) 05:41, 10 February 2007 (UTC)