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Welcome to my user page. Please feel free to leave any relevant messages here. To see what I've been up to on Wikipedia click here.

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Can't catch me!

Areas of interest[edit]

  • Those NES games I'm familiar with
  • Finding orphaned parts of Wikipedia a loving home
  • Cleaning up images lacking copyright/fair use/lacking a description info.


Articles I created:

and the redirects that lead to it (involving ranks)

Articles I substantially worked on:

Articles I maintain, more or less[edit]

Templates I've made[edit]


My favorite vandalisms[edit]

  • link - in the History section; a splendid example of well written vandalism
  • link - in the description of MGen Lee; always made me giggle
  • link - in the Postwar years in ( ); opinion also aimed at us!


American Civil War task force assessment statistics logcategory

My sandbox[edit]

It needs a moat!

Service badges[edit]

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