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I created the webonym Kulturvultur back in the late 90s when I got my Geocities site (which to some degree still exists, though I have not recently updated the site) Kulturvultur's Satire Site. I have had my Yahoo name (also kulturvultur) since roughly 1997. Eventually, I expanded the name to include "Intifada"--full webonym: Kulturvultur Intifada. It's meant to raise eyebrows and to make a statement that our culture needs a revolution of sorts.

I chose the first part of that name roughly because of my being a first generation American--my mom jumped the Berlin Wall to come to the United States and start her life. The name "Kulturvultur" was meant as a pun for the term "culture vulture" and has since been quite misunderstood. But I can live with such ambiguities.

In my "real life" I am a mom, a writer and a poet. I have a flair for music and digital photography. However, my HTML skills are not quite up to the usual standards. I don't know if I will go back to creating satire for my original site, since other priorities have become more important.

My ultimate work of satire, AN IMMODEST PROPOSAL, stands as my most Swifitan work of satire. It actually honors the anger and vitriol of his 18th Century work, "A Modest Proposal" but updated to reflect on the waste of human potential that is the modern penal system in the USA. While it may be disturbing to some, that is the goal of real show with utter disgust what is wrong in society today.

Apart from that, I'm not all that much to crow about. I'm just a regular human being, same as any fool who uses the Internet. Kulturvultur (talk) 07:42, 3 June 2008 (UTC)