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A reconstruction of a Peloponnesian soldier, based on archeological excavations


Recent PUA

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have box generate link to LL maps from ISO codes, per Gbaya languages & Karaboro languages?

finish Pama–Nyungan languages classfj

check for glotto\d w/o glotto: finish or consolidate ref

sep Xincan, Lencan, Jicaque articles?

add AIATSIS codes to Uradhi language, choose links for Bidjara language

add Glotto codes for 'unclassified'

Darwin Region languages: Ngurmbur & Bugurnidja are unattested -- see Glotto entry

Papi languages broke up, Suarmin language unclassified; note Glotto:sepik on why trimmed down

fix language infobox so E17 fn's in eg Kagwahiva language link better. maybe code-link (name) as w Glotto.

fix Zande langs (red + spurious)

fix Sak language: glotto includes Pyu & rem. Taman (split/merge Bodo-Garo too?)

fix Tibeto-Kinauri vs. W Himalayish

rem. Kaike, Bhoti, Tukpa from Kinnauri

fix Zeme langs when rem. spurious

why Sua + Mbulungish?

break up Kwomtari languages

update Grass languages, Duna–Pogaya languages

red links Bahinemo languages

dbl check East Tucanoan

break up Central Plateau languages

fix Iwam langs

merge Mambiloid unclass.

break up Banggi languages?

move Tatana & Papar & Tidongic to Murutic, and move Bookan inside

break up Li'o language per classification

redo tree in lang box for Flores langs

does Baloi not belong in libi1251 Ngiri?

New phonetic alphabet[edit]

Letter Word 1972 version[1]   BNL song other suggestions
A aether aesthetic aisle "A" is aether across the aisles
B bdellium bdellium bdellium bdellometer "B" is blessing with bdellium and a bdellatomy
C czar cyst czar Chanukkah, chthonic "C" is the czar celebrating Chanukkah
D Django djellaba djinn ("gin") Dzongkha, 'dswounds ("zounds") "D" is a djinn dressed in a djellaba
E Euphrates euphemism Euphrates eye, ewe "E" is the eye of the Euphrates
F ffoulkes feign fohn ("phone") --> but dicts have "fain" or "fern", not "fone"
G gnome gnat gnarly gnu, gaol, gjetost "G" is a gnome going to gaol
H hour heuristic hour honor, hlonipa, Hsi-an "H" is the honor of Hsian
I IHVH ithyphallic irk "I" is irking to IHVH
J jarlsberg jarlsberg jalapeño "J" is jarsberg cheese with jalapeños
K knickers knickers knick-knack kshatriya, ktypeite ("tipi-ite"), kvetch "K" is a knight knitting knickers
L llama llama llama ("yama") Llandudno, Lodz, Lancut ("wine-soot") "L" is the llamas of Lancut
M mnemonic mnemonic mnemonic mnemic, Mpret ("bret") "M" is a mnemonic for Mpret
N Ndilo ("Deelo") nuance Ngomo ("Gomo") Nguyen ("win"), Ngaio "N" is the Nguyen family of Ndilo
O oestrogen oestrogen Ouija board oud
P psychotic pneumonia pneumonia, pterodactyl,
Przewalski's horse, pneus "news"? pseud? "P" is a psychotic pterodactyl
Q qi? quay qat ("cat") --> dicts have "kaht", not "cat" "Q" is unloading qat on the quay
R Rzeszów rhythm "R-gyle" Rwanda
S sjambok sjambok Saar sbirro, 'Sblood, sphere, Szechuan
T Tlingit ("Klinkit") tzar tsunami Tchaikovski, tmesis
U uilleann ulema urn uakari, Uighur, Uitlander "U" is uilleann pipes painted on an urn
V veld ("felt") veldt vraisemblance Vlach, vlei
W who wrath wren, wrinkly, who wrack, wheki ("feki"), Whakatane "W" is whoever wrecked Whakatane
X Xhosa xylophone Xi'an Xmas "X" is Xmas in Xhosaland
Y ych a fi? yttrium yperite Ypers ("wipers") , you
Z Zsa Zsa zloty zed zwitterion, zhuyin

Unified English Spelling[edit]

Thanks to Angr. My prefs:

  • -our/-or: US (etymology, derivation, length)
  • -re/-er: UK (etymology, derivation)
  • -ise/-ize: US/UK -ize (both countries, etymology, disambiguation)
  • -ogue/-og; -gramme/-gram, -fence/-fense, -exion/-ection: US (etymology, uniformity)
  • ae,oe / e: US (length)
  • ll/l: US (stress rules; woollen okay)
  • l/ll: US (derivation, stress rules)
  • license, and practice: US (derivation, pronunciation)
  • grey, artefact, mollusc, pyjamas, calliper, moustache, camomile (UK)
  • disk, tire, vice (tool), skeptic, carburetor, check, jewelry, licorice (US)
  • ax(e), mo(u)ld, mo(u)lt, plow/plough, sulfur/sulphur, yog(h)urt (who cares)
  • story (tale) vs. storey (floor)
  • alumin(i)um: not just an orthographic difference
  • cipher, draft (being abandoned in UK)

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Traffic: [2]

Statistical significance in polls[edit]

Responses in an opinion poll need to be separated by 2σ to be considered significant. (A difference of 2σ gives a 97.7% probability,[3]; a difference of 1.65σ is 95% probable.[4])

The p = 0.1 for 95% significance above a specific percentage is 1.28σ.[5]

From the math ref desk:

The problem of computing mean value and standard deviation for the result of polls is solved here: [[6]]. If the first poll shows X1 ≈ μ1 ± σ1 and the second poll shows X2 ≈ μ2 ± σ2 , then compute the difference X = X1 − X2 ≈ (μ1 ± σ1) − (μ2 ± σ2) = (μ1 − μ2) ± √(σ12 + σ22) = μ ± σ . Compute the quotient U = μ/σ . If, say, U=2.7, then try with input CDF[NormalDistribution[0, 1], 2.7] , and get the probability 0.996533. Bo Jacoby (talk) 06:37, 22 April 2014 (UTC).

The sampling error z for 95% confidence (p=0.05) is 1.96σ. Thus the above would be 0.653 and 0.842 z.

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