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Ford LCF
Manufacturer Blue Diamond Truck Company LLC, a joint venture between Navistar International and Ford Motor Company
Production 2006–2009
Body and chassis
Class Cab Forward truck
Body style Cab-over-engine
Engine 4.5L V-6 Power Stroke Diesel
Transmission 5-Speed TorqShift™ with Tow/Haul Feature (with or without PTO)
Predecessor Ford Cargo

The Ford LCF (Low Cab Forward[1]) was a medium duty commercial truck produced by Ford Motor Company intended to compete with Isuzu (as well as rebadged GM versions of the Isuzu) and Mitsubishi Fuso trucks of a similar size and design in the North American market. It featured a cab-over-engine configuration. It was built by what was then a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and Navistar International called Blue Diamond Truck Company LLC, who also market their own version known as the CF, or later, the International City Star. This company was to produce medium-duty Ford and Navistar commercial trucks in Mexico. For a while, it produced the Ford F-650 and F-750 trucks as well as the LCF.

The LCF was available with one powertrain, a 200 HP V-6 PowerStroke Diesel engine derived from the Navistar-produced Power Stroke V8, mated to a 5-speed TorqShift automatic transmission. This engine was exclusive to this line of trucks and was not used elsewhere.

The interior came standard with power windows while chrome front grille, bumper and wheels were optional.

It is Ford's first cab-over-engine truck since the sale of U.S. rights for the Ford Cargo design to (then) Daimler-Chrysler in the late 1990s.

LCFs were sold in various lengths and have been used as dump trucks, fire trucks, tow trucks, box trucks, crane/bucket trucks, flat beds and stake bodies by those seeking a higher mileage and more easily maneuverable alternative to the larger Ford F-Series commercial trucks.

The chassis was mostly based on existing F-Series architecture. The cab was derived from an existing Mazda design used in Japan.

It was widely criticized for it's noisy engine, fuel consumption, lack of head and foot room (due to the placement of the steering column), and a dealer network who were uneducated on the product. The trucks many times sat, unsold, for several years.

Production came to an end along with the Ford-Navistar relationship, and Ford divested itself of Blue Diamond, pledging to build the F-Series trucks currently built there at another factory in the US. The source of the dispute between Ford and Navistar started over the problem-ridden 6.0L V-8 Power Stroke engine, but the LCF's poor performance in the marketplace may have contributed to it.


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