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The basics

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IT consultant by trade.

Chief interests: language and linguistics, geography, mathematics, science, psychology, computers, Judaism, and dancing.

If Google returns fewer results for you than it does for me, you probably aren't notable. :-P

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Good summary of Wikipedia's requirements: User_talk:Hazzdog1#Josh_Wade.

My attempt at a translation of the French Wikipedia Rezé article.

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Telltale signs of an article in need of deletion

  • ... is an up and coming ...
  • ... had a dream ...
  • ... take ... by storm ...

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Test of doi referencing.[1] And ISBN.[2]

See the Google translation. Blah blah.



I'm afraid that isn't an indication of its significance or importance. Wikipedia requires topics to be notable, which requires, at least eventually, citation of sources that support a finding that they are notable. Even from the start, an article needs to give some indication that its topic might be of encyclopedic significance, or else it's subject to immediate deletion.

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Ahnentafel test


Hello, Largoplazo, and welcome to Wikipedia! While efforts to improve Wikipedia are always welcome,in my opinion, unfortunately, your contributions are not written in an English that is good enough to be useful. You appear to be more familiar with Urdu language; did you know there is a Urdu Wikipedia? You may prefer to contribute there instead. In any case, welcome to the project, and thank you for your efforts! If you need help, please feel free to notify me on my talk page. —Largo Plazo (talk) 00:56, 7 November 2013 (UTC)

Arlington, Virginia#Secession of Alexandria

Arlington, Virginia#Separation from Alexandria

Gayot voted it a Top 10 Spirit of 2010.[3]


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