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Lawvol is a Wikipedia user living in North Carolina who has an unnatural fascination with the color orange. He is an alumni of the University of Tennessee and the Pride of the Southland Band, thus making him a predictably die-hard Tennessee Volunteers fan. From 2007 until 2010 he was the publisher and editor-in-chief of the Tennessee online sports community Gate 21 : Life, the Universe, and the Bounce of the Ball. He is a former contributor to the VolNation Blog and a published freelance sports writer. He is also a part-time graphic designer.

To fund his time-wasting efforts on the web, he earns a living as a shyster and "evidence manipulation specialist" ( nee' Attorney at Law) with a focus on administrative health care litigation.

He is a fan of photoshopped / "farked" images and regularly displays them on his website, which includes a fark museum called the Tennessee Home for the Visually Offensive. Needless to say, he is a fan of satire and believes that taking oneself too seriously is a major character flaw.

On a more relevant note, (note transition from third-person to first-person) my contributions to Wikipedia have been largely limited to minor edits on miscellaneous pages, but I am keenly interested in becoming more involved -- especially in areas where I have experience and expertise. Any individuals that seek a collaborator, reviewer, editor, or mediator are encouraged to get in touch.

Activities on Wikipedia[edit]

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