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This user is a WikiFairy.
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My Username in all Wikipedias, and their sister projects world wide is Leahtwosaints.

I am frustrated by editors who merely begin article stubs and then just move on!! I try not to create new articles, except when necessary. Why do editors encourage so many new editors with Barnstars and praise for doing only that, and then, instead of developing the article, just moving on, sometimes without any references or just one or two! Those thanks belong to those who do the more difficult and thankless work: adding references, checking them with clarity, and completion of all the little stubs left behind. I urge each editor to revisit their initial work (or those of others) on all those backlogged articles. Yes, it's thankless work and you won't get all the flashy Barnstars, but if you really are here to make a difference, I hope to meet you. If you need my help with any work, I will help. If the help is beyond my knowledge, I will try to find someone else who can assist you. The number of unreferenced articles appears to be astronomical. I urge you, please help and join the Wikipedia:WikiProject Unreferenced articles group here on Wikipedia! See the little box listed in my WikiProjects with whom I participate here on this userpage!!.


I'm interested in other cultures, countries, languages, and a wide variety of music. This includes the storied lives of many musicians. I've chosen to edit their biographies. I believe music is more than entertainment, and those musicians who leave a strong impact on culture, politics, society as a whole, and the way we view the world are those who most often are the ones I choose, although I have edited biographies begun by others about musicians I don't particularly like. In 2010 I began contributing to other-language Wikipedias.

Content work

I find, email, and ask each photographer (every time) to remove the copyright from each photo I request, and explain how they can adapt a Creative Commons license instead. If they agree and allow us a license CC-BY-SA, they maintain the right to have their names and a photostream to be attached to each photo, no matter where it is used. I am what is called a Wikifairy or Wikignome; alongside editing, I create infoboxes, find photographs, copyedit, and clean up a lot of work left by others who came before me. As often as not, I'm not just an editor, but a janitor Wikignome.

Commons-logo-en.svg Photos I've uploaded to Wikimedia Commons

I used to maintain a list of photos of musicians that I uploaded via Creative Commons to Wikimedia Commons on my user page, but after uploading about 625 (very few are multiple pictures of the same person) I decided to place them on their own special page
Currently, the list stands at more than 2,000.

Here lies a tiny glimpse of great photos I uploaded who tend to be favorites of mine. However, I upload photos to illustrate the musicians' biography articles, including those who I do not like. Click the link above and you should find a very long list of names of people whose photos I uploaded and placed.

  • For names of photographers of the following, and how to contact them, click their photos. We appreciate their generosity.