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Lee M is a fortysomething Englishman whose interests include science fiction, rock music, radio and television comedy and amateur(ish) photography. He apparently has no life, otherwise why would he be doing this all the time?

Note to Lee M: Hi Lee M. I would like to know where this photo was taken. My name is Jacinto, and I am very interested on finding Items related to my name such as Hyacinth Statue. Please feel free to email me. How can I find one small replica of it? Please inform me. Thank you, Jacinto

Articles begun, substantially written or having major contributions by Lee M (not including headings):

Television and Radio[edit]



J. R. R. Tolkien and Middle-earth[edit]

Kipling's Jungle Books and related topics[edit]

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Comics and Web comics[edit]







Picture contributions[edit]

Wikimedia Commons contributions[edit]

  • Donatello (links to several images of plaster replica David in the V&A)

Plus numerous contributions to other articles

Apropos of nothing...
Susan Kliewer, fountain statue of a Sinagua couple
c. 1993, Sinagua Plaza, Sedona, Arizona
(a region noted for its red buttes)
Photographed in 1994 but not identified until 2007.