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Alonso-WPF1logo.png This user is a member of the Formula One WikiProject.

My hobbies[edit]

Always liked F1 since the 2009 Hungary GP, that was an interesting race, didn't realise what was happening at Renault at the time.

What I do on Wikipedia[edit]

Added the top gear bit on the Britcar 24 hours. Still trying to perfect the qualifying notes from the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix. Here are a few ideas for me and people who help me:

Add race report for 2004 Bahrain Grand Prix (Could make it brief using the highlights of the race on the BBC F1 Website)

Create an F1 Stewards page.

Practice writing my own race reports.

Could get a help from User:DH85868993, because I'm unfamiliar with the coding. This user maybe like to help me edit and create pages on F1.