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project on government oversight

Art of Anonymous Activism[edit]

Interview about the book on Radio Curious with Jeff Ruch - How to be a whistleblower of PEER.

Spawning other organizations[edit]

Defense and the National Interest. Originally - archive "DNI started in March 1999 with a grant from Danielle Brian and the folks at the Project on Government Oversight. Its original purpose was to house the growing collection of Chuck Spinney’s commentaries on the foibles of our defense program"


Rockefeller Family Fund[edit]

In 2000, POGO received a $30,000 grant from The Rockefeller Family Fund details. In 2005, $30,000 2005 Citizen Participation and Government Accountability archive In 2006, $30,000 2006 Institutional Responsiveness archive. In 2006 POGO listed RFF on its Good Government Hall of Fame, without mentioning RFF's direct financial contributions Current page . 2006 page. In 2008, $30,000 2008 Institutional Responsiveness archive

Carnegie Corporation[edit]

$850,000. First part $200,000 in 2003, half the operating budget. Carnegie Results, Spring 2010. archive 2006, $300,000 2006 News. 2008, $350,000. Carnegie grants database search for "project on government oversight".


Ref'd but not detailed in Carnegie (2010)


Ref'd but not detailed in Carnegie (2010)


2010: $1,000,000

Sunlight Foundation[edit]

2006: $10,000

Ploughshares Fund[edit]

Search results

Project on Government Oversight Washington, DC

Date       $Amount
06/13/2010 $60,000
06/07/2009 $60,000
11/11/2008 $50,000
11/04/2007 $50,000
11/06/2006 $50,000
01/30/2005 $40,000
02/02/2004 $30,000
02/02/2003 $30,000
02/03/2002 $20,000 
total  $390,000

Threshold Foundation[edit]

$20,000 — Revolving Door Database , 2009 Annual Report pg 9.


  • Reviews
  • Shooting locations: (need photos or other references)



In reference to (Speedy deleted per (CSD i7), was an image with an invalid fair use rationale and the uploader was notified more than 48 hours ago.)

1. Reinstate the image.
2. This was an off-policy deletion. I am the uploader, and received no notification via User_talk:Lexein, Email Special:Emailuser/Lexein, and no discussion on Talk:Winamp , or Image_talk:Winamp2.PNG(of course I can't check that page, since it was deleted). CSD I7 reads: Bad fair use template - image tagged as fair use with a template that is patently irrelevant to the actual image, like game-screenshot on a photo of a celebrity. Please notify uploader ON THEIR TALK PAGE using /{/{subst:badfairuse|image name including prefix|tag that was on the image/}/}.
3. I previously gave you the benefit of the doubt, since I added a rationale to another uploader's image. Now I believe you REPEATEDLY DELIBERATELY FAIL TO NOTIFY UPLOADERS.
4. Stop putting uploaders through hoops because you can't be bothered to notify them.
5. 48 HOURS is a ridiculous deadline. Where is _that_ stated as policy? (found it)

--Lexein 00:26, 23 August 2007 (UTC)

Image:Winamp2.PNG - Second Request[edit]

I reiterate points 1-4 above --Lexein 02:31, 26 August 2007 (UTC)

  1. Fine...whatev.
  2. I assume the tagger always notifies the uploader. I see so many done by bots (as they do the majority) that I assume notifications have been given. There isn't the time to check each one, as the backlogs are too immense for that level of detail checking on every image.
  3. Please AGF. It is not my job (as the deleting admin) to notify anyone, simply to carry out the deletion. Please see point 2 as well.
  4. Once again, it is the taggers responsibility to notify, not the deleting admin. See points 2 and 3.
From now on, please bug the tagger of the image, not me. Regards, ^demon[omg plz] 13:20, 28 August 2007 (UTC)
1. Thanks.
2. This is a false and dangerous assumption. If this is the assumption all DEL Admins make, then all tagging bots must be stopped and audited to verify that required notification is given.
3. Assuming good faith excludes willful exclusion of common sense. It is (or soon will be!) the deleting admins responsibility to verify that notification was given', or if this cannot be done easily, to post a (possibly redundant) notice. For DEL ADMINs to shirk here, gives drive-by no-notice taggers free reign. Once the image has been deleted, there is no record of any tags in the image's page, because it is gone!
4. How can I bug the tagger after you've deleted the image, after no notice was given? Think it through. No logs remain after deletion, except the deletion log. I'm not an admin, and therefore have no access to the deleted logs.

Del admins have a resp. to be policy-thorough, not blinkered. I have no animosity towards del admins, as long as they follow policy, AND the policy trail leading to the decision to delete. --Lexein 17:31, 31 August 2007 (UTC)

Winamp[edit] Maximum PC Feb 2000 Complete Guide to MP3's - rating of 9, MP3 and internet audio handbook Bruce Fries

Hollywood Walk of Fame#Errors and mysteries[edit]

Oh, HWoF how you vex me. Prior version , Woolley paragraph:

At least one star displays an incorrect emblem: Monty Woolley, the bearded Broadway, film, and radio actor who coined the still-popular cliché, "Time flies when you're having fun" in the 1941 film The Man Who Came to Dinner, inexplicably received a star in the television category. He appeared in many films but his TV appearances, aside from a 1954 reprise[1] of his 1941 role, consisted of cameos and small roles.[2][3][4]

Current version Hollywood Walk of Fame#Errors and mysteries is much better.[edit]

Non-source: [1] also hosted at least one user page. One, entitled "This Is Not Really Happening ", apparently named after the Tori Amos song Corn Flake Girl, consisted of webcam photos, collages and poetry by "Jess" ( at Totally WP:OR, because I found that link through these webalizer stats for August 2003.

In November 2003, the site showed a candle-lit pumpkin carved to look like hello.jpg pumpkin.jpg, archived Nov 2, 2003

Parody: archived 2006-10-22. --Lexein (talk) 12:34, 30 July 2010 (UTC)

Redact 2[edit]

A good faith effort, prompted by, but not requested, by a comment at Talk:The Pirate Bay. --Lexein (talk) 03:37, 15 August 2010 (UTC)


Lexein added TPB's HTTPS: link to the existing HTTP: link in the infobox as a compromise, vs changing all article links to HTTPS. WikiSpan reverted, claiming no consensus. Lexein bitched, demanding a stand from the other editors in the discussion. Objective3000, inconclusively in mild favor at first, reversed.

Editors on IRC deemed Lexein had certainly "got off on the wrong foot".

GuyMacon mildly favored the inclusion, but discussed in detail Objective3000's new objections, while scolding Lexein, rather than regarding the substance of Lexein's points.

Editors on IRC were astonished at the length and persistence of the entire section, including the early inclusion of a quote from the Russian constitution.

The internally inconsistent and vaguely-worded WP:LINKVIO became a sticking point, with Objective3000 reading it narrowly("site"), vs Lexein reading its intent("page"), as derived from the actual court decision and opinions of it.

Editors on IRC deemed the LINKVIO argument against a single HTTPS link in the infobox a "big fat red herring."

Another sticking point was Sunde's sworn testimony at trial, mentioned as a merely an aside, but which was an issue for discussion, instead of the Lexein's point, that not all material on TPB is copyvio, therefore not all links are linkvio, therefore WP:LINKVIO doesn't apply.

None of the IRC editors (three of 'em) opted to weigh in in TPB Talk.

Another sticking point was whether three reliable sources should be dismissed because Objective3000 dismissed TPB's introduction of SSL as mere "PR", and "local only to Sweden", deprecating 1. That it was introduced as a political act 2. SSL protects anyone in the world from that and other wiretap laws, including traveling Swedes.

Lexein tired now. --Lexein (talk) 04:01, 10 August 2010 (UTC)