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Although I have strong opinions on most subjects, most of my edits are copy edits. Occasionally I'll dig deeper on topics with which I feel comfortable. My sentences generally have fewer subclauses and big words than those they replace. I also leave pages with less minutiae and more focus on the page's main idea(s).

I avoid editing controversial pages. I'd even recommend that the powers limit such pages to links to fora that focus on the debate.

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Articles that need to be written[edit]


Articles I started[edit]

Outline of animal pages[edit]

This is a draft of a semi-standard outline for articles on animals. Since encyclopedias are primarily used to 'look things up' rather than for casual reading, more detailed outlines are appropriate.

Wikiproject:Fish uses this alternative

  • Range or geographic distribution (for higher-order taxa)
  • Physical description, including size, weight, and age data from FishBase
  • Habitat, diet, and related information
  • Importance to humans (aquarium fish, game fish, commercial fishing, research uses, etc.)
  • Conservation status (if not Secure) for species, including explanation for the classification, and mention of members classified as Vulnerable or worse for higher taxa
  • Other noteworthy information (life-cycle, breeding, etc.)
  • Trivia (state fish, national emblem, ships bearing the name, other uses of the name, etc.)
  • Etymology of name (especially for genus names, which FishBase normally provides), alternate common names, important binomial synonyms, etc.

Articles that need a lot of work that students could perform while learning about the subject[edit]




Marine mammals[edit]

North American[edit]


Slack-key guitar bios[edit]

To do[edit]

Find Prolific Arterlife in Sci. Am. and add url to*Whale fall


Copy-edit drive articles[edit]


*Coordinates: Coordinates add context to an article, and icons appear on google earth (eventually). Use google images, Bing birdseye view, and google streetview to cross reference locations. Then center google maps on the location, and copy this code into the address bar and press enter: javascript:void(prompt('',"{{coord|" + gApplication.getMap().getCenter().lat() + "|" + gApplication.getMap().getCenter().lng() + "}}")); Then copy the text out of dialogue box, paste it into the article, and trim the coordinates to appropriate accuracy (usually 4 decimal places for a building).

  • Columns: {{Div col}} {{Div col end}}
  • Current dollars: $100,000 in 1900
(${{formatnum:{{Inflation|US|100000|1900|r=0}}}} in current dollar terms)
  • Quote box:
{{quote box |width=20em | bgcolor= |align=right | quote= "...."<ref>{{cite web|url= |title= |date= |accessdate= }}</ref>|source= — ...}}

..from User:Epeefleche


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