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  • 2,000 friends on MySpace seems to be the benchmark of a notable musician.
  • User:Qfl247 has interesting quirks on his user page. Also visit the way he tabled the articles he's created.
  • <span> or </span> is useful when creating userboxes. It can make it so that part of the id doesn't run off into the new line. And for anything else as is obvious.
  • Dyslexics have a poor working (or short term) memory, as relates to phonology. Hyperlexics thus have a good working, or short term memory; and therefore their long term memory is benefitted, also as relates to phonology. In other words the highly effective short term is able to effectively train the long term. This is because the short term, or working memory, is the most fundamental aspect of consequential memory.
  • Shallow and inappropriate mood in the ICD-10 may refer to what are commonly seen as childish and long periods of affect. Examples may be anger, envy, guilt, shame, and pride. As to the diagnosis of hebephrenia in me, I see sharp changes in affect (getting very emotional at times), mannerisms common (excited hand gestures), my episodes haven't seen prominent hallucinations or delusions, incoherent speech (people having difficulty understanding me; more prominent during an actual episode), and definitely a trend towards social isolation (whether there is an episode or not). It was definitely diagnosed in my young adulthood. And the affective changes prominent may also refer to the oddness of the feel of things in general whether inside or outside the episode. Behavior irresponsible and unpredictable; goes without saying. Shallow mood may also refer to a light mood, which would match up with the term inappropriate. I would say that I have constricted affect because my affect is restricted to euphoria and mania like emotions. So shallow and inappropriate mood refers to the general condition; the base. And prominent affective changes refers to the constant ebb and flow of emotions caused by this shallow and inappropriate mood. This link is important in clarifying: Clarification of the ICD-10 diagnosis criteria
  • Plaid reads like a list. Attach appropriate tag.
  • I just reverted an edit that took 3 years for someone to fully realize how wrong it was. I'm not bragging, I'm actually disappointed in the strangely permissive attitude to some edits. Emphasis on some.
  • Place tag on Ceephax Acid Crew. I'll know it when I see it.
  • This link says that this chemical found in Hydroxycut is not confirmed as an appetite suppressant [1] Guess what? I just confirmed it. It works! Send in the laughing gorillas...
  • I need to spend less time beautifying my userpage and more time editing articles. I need to spend less time doing stuff like this... Oh!!!