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Information Talk, Contributions
Operator Jarry1250
Approved? Yes
Active Yes
Tasks See below.
Edit rate 5/min
Automatic or manual Supervised Automatic
Programming language(s) PHP
Emergency shutoff-compliant? Yes
Source code published? Yes
Other information Some tasks run from the Toolserver

This is the user page of LivingBot. Its original purpose is to investigate to the possibilities for bots linked to Category:Living People and related categories, though it is now mostly likely to be found administering the WikiCup, handling the publication of the Signpost or updating Wikipedia:Good articles/recent.


Current tasks (all running from Wikimedia Labs):

  1. (BRFA 6) Revitalise the announcements page by letting WikiProjects sign up for an automated process.
  2. (BRFA 9) Update WP:Good articles/recent every 15 minutes.
  3. (BRFA 15) Keep count for the WikiCup; and for connected purposes.
  4. (BRFA 19) Perform simple tasks relating to publishing The Signpost
  5. (BRFA 20) Perform simple tasks relating to publishing The Signpost: notifying users


Its owner is Jarry1250.

Source code[edit]


Current tasks:

  1. (BRFA 6) Source code available (legacy source code)
  2. (BRFA 9) Source code available
  3. (BRFA 15) Source code available
  4. (BRFA 19) Source code available
  5. (BRFA 20) Source code available

Historical tasks:

  1. (No BRFA filed) Source code available.
  2. (Original BRFA) Source code available.
  3. (BRFA 2) Source code available.
  4. (BRFA 3) Source code available.
  5. (BRFA 4) Source code available.
  6. (BRFA 5) Source code available.
  7. (BRFA 7) Source code available.


Early tasks were built on various versions of Wikibot framework. Later version run on Peachy.