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Lonjing cheng.jpg
Born Lonjing Cheng
(1994-03-11) 11 March 1994 (age 20)
Arunachal Pradesh, India
Other names Luan
Citizenship Indian
Occupation Blogger, Photographer, Writer, Editor, Public Relations
Years active 2013 – present
Signature Lonjing Signature.jpg


  • Lonjing Cheng or nickname Luan (born 11 March 1994 ) is a Blogger[1], Photographer, Writer, wiki Editor.[2]
  • Cheng was born in Assam, India, the Daughter of a supporting Actor and an Officer, NC Chakhap and AM Chakhap. She has lived with her parents and grew up in Arunachal Pradesh. She was raised as a Hinayana Buddhism.
  • Cheng was attached to Computer science. Programming gave her the pleasure of working with challenging and abstract problems, but in a far more creative context. She said, I believe that programming—like touch-typing—will become a mandatory skill taught to all students in the future. More importantly, computer science is the ideal major if you want to start your own company.
  • Writing is her passion. She love to spend time Blogging, meeting new people and Photography, Cheng states that she is one of those people around the world who never ceases to miss the opportunity to capture a moment, a moment that will eventually become a memory. Cheng’s writing is informative, entertaining, useful, up to the minute and really relevant. She writes on a variety of writing topics
  • In 2014, Cheng started to write a semi-autobiographical book. The book is loosely based on her life, but is mostly fictional. It tells the story of a girl who loses everything and then learns about what really matters in life
  • Cheng began to worked on the Blog (The Girl in the Little Black dress), the biographee of a Wishful Writer, Tojum Riba, whom she states she inspired her. She is continuing to research and blog. Most of her Blogs are keepers and her art for photography, that she shares on Photographers Directory[3][4]
  • Cheng is interested in Sports, Social-causes, Entertainmant, etc. She, is a Supporter of Germany National Football Team.
  • As a child, Cheng loved singing, Mandy Moore as one of her influences. Cheng had once performed in front of 800 Students, present at a school function, she stated: "It was a fun experience, i love to perform and be on stage"
  • Cheng like Chanel and D&G brands because of their luxury fashion Design. Other favorites are Moschino, Dior, Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier, Miu Miu and Alexander McQueen. When it comes to shopping, She like Zara and Forever 21.
  • Her short-term goals is also launching a fashion blog that can become a go-to for fashionistas worldwide. She has sources some fashion tips, based on wikiHow. Polyvore[5] has affected her life. Cheng has got three trophies and won over 37 Contest[6], she express her fashion art through Polyvore. Cheng described Polyvore as a land of friendship, it isn’t just a website for fashion.
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Selected Articles[edit]


Work Title Biographee
1 A Wishful Writer Tojum Riba[7]
2 Fashion Model Rieyang Dani[8]
3 Beauty Icon Epi Riba[9]
4 Fashion Designing Ayang Takuk[10]
5 An Adventurer Habung Kanya[11]
6 The Winner Boby Techi[12]

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