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I tend to write about work I like and generally ignore work I dislike. A negative review, I feel, takes up valuable space that might be utilized more profitably to encourage readers to appreciate rather than avoid. On occasion, one might need to show disapprobation, but my disapproval is reserved usually for work that I regard as dishonest or inauthentic. I see little point in tearing apart the bad pictures of some beginner when I might instead encourage the promise of another. On the other hand, it can sometimes be necessary to write a corrective where one believes that an established photographer and his or her work has been overinflated.

—Gerry Badger, from 'The Other Americans: Richard Avedon's Nothing Personal', in 'The Pleasures of Good Photographs'

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  • 2012 - After I'd created, the company Wonga began toning the article down, removing some of the claims about their unfair business practices. I did not know enough about economics to refute their persistent changes, so I did nothing and intended to learn about economics. Eventually other people noticed and The Guardian took up the story. Their revelations became big news in the media.

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