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Freedom is the ability to act irrational in the face of this below[edit]

"And, in fact, we ought unwearyingly to repeat to ourselves that at such and such a time and in such and such circumstances nature does not ask our leave; that we have got to take her as she is and not fashion her to suit our fancy, and if we really aspire to formulas and tables of rules, and well, even ... to the chemical retort, there’s no help for it, we must accept the retort too, or else it will be accepted without our consent ....” Dostoevsky [1] Of course Dostoevsky refutes even this above refuting sumbebekos with sumbebekos.

When I say I am a libertarian I mean I believe in Free will (liberty)[edit]

Free will means, that I live my life and my death. My life would not be as it is, as is was, if not for me as me. I, being is the cause of my life. "Once more with feeling" is as much a choice as is a left turn while driving my car. Since neither has meaning without my being (as an internal cause) and having an internal experience of both. As no one can teach one how to validate sincerity externally. Thus I am a skeptic and seek the truth not in the works of men called the World- I say Death to the World, but I seek the truth in the Greatest Good which is also called God.[2]

Apatheia, the highest happiness Summum bonum,to wakeup from the Somnolence of the Smoke and Dross[edit]

Entelechy can achieve Ataraxia, in that they are the understanding that only God is real, for Jesus Christ is THE truth. That the truest love of wisdom (philosophy) is transcended by the truest love (agape) which is, Theophilos the love for God. Illumination is obtained by Holy Wisdom (humility/meekness). Illumination is to see God, illumination is theoria.


Hello LoveMonkey. Help me please. I wanted to include in the article and the names of the Great Cappadocians and quotation Gregory the Theologian. But, I do not know much English. How do I correctly write the following phrase in English?

"Christian Church led the ideological struggle against the Arians and the Pneumatomachi in the IV century. The Great Cappadocians (Saint Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and Gregory of Nyssa) expounded the Christian triadology (the doctrine of the Trinity) in his writings during the confrontation with the heretics." and "God the Father is the "only the beginning" or "Monarch» (μόν-αρχος) in the Trinity for the Son and the Spirit. Gregory the Theologian wrote: ......" "The Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed was written by and based on the doctrine of the Great Cappadocians in 381." Please correct any errors. Do you speak Russian?Wlbw68 (talk) 17:39, 16 June 2013 (UTC)